‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers Tease That Family Secrets Will Finally Turn Port Charles Upside Down

General Hospital spoilers for the week of July 15 tease that Port Charles will start to rattle from the big secrets that have been hiding under the surface for months now. Last week, Shiloh was arrested before he could open the DNA test results that would prove Wiley is not really his biological son. In addition, Sasha is ready to set down roots in Port Charles, but the fact that she is not really Nina’s daughter could torpedo those plans. Liesl has the ability to blow the top off both of these secrets, and a new sneak peek suggests it may finally happen soon.

The new sneak peek posted via Twitter teases plenty of General Hospital spoilers for the week of July 15. Obrecht revealed more than she probably should have while drunk at Elizabeth and Franco’s reception, but she initially tried to dial it back when Franco asked her about it later. The new preview suggests she may decide she is ready to forge forward on revealing at least some of what she knows.

One moment of the video clip shows Nina in Liesl’s room at General Hospital. Spoilers detail that Nina will sound emotional as she says the father of that baby, obviously meaning Wiley, is Shiloh.

However, Obrecht will seemingly reply to Nina by cryptically saying, “What if, perhaps, he isn’t?”

The clip does not show that Obrecht says this specifically in response to what Nina says about Wiley, so it is possible there is some tricky editing in play here. However, it does look as if Liesl may decide she is ready to at least dole out enough hints that others start digging to figure out the truth.

For almost a year now, Obrecht has protected Nelle and Brad by not revealing that Jonah wasn’t stillborn, as Nelle claimed. Liesl has not really had any real reason to protect Nelle and Brad in this scenario, but she also has not really had any motivation to expose them. General Hospital spoilers hint that there may finally be bombshells dropping on this baby swap soon, but Soap Central suggests that it is not going to happen quite yet.

There will be plenty of loaded conversations this week and something will spark some curiosity from Franco. Nina will be anxious to do the right thing in some sense, and Julian will worry that he has not done enough to protect his family. Next week, Nelle will make another appearance, anxious to stir up more trouble, and Nina will have bad news to break to someone.

As the baby swap drama edges forward, General Hospital spoilers indicate that the secret regarding Sasha will cause more waves this week too. She is desperate to ensure that the secret she has with Valentin remains hidden, but she also is feeling drawn to settling down in Port Charles. Not only will Sasha and Valentin continue to scramble, but Hayden is back in town and she is hiding secrets as well.

Fans are ready to see Michael get his baby back, and they are anxious to see Shiloh pay for his misdeeds. Will viewers finally get to see this happen soon? General Hospital spoilers tease that the action may be picking up speed, but the Jonah revelation is not emerging quite yet it seems.

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