‘One Piece’ Episode 894 Preview Hints At Otama’s Relationship With Portgas D. Ace

The latest episode of One Piece featured the first appearance of Otama. She is the little girl Strawhat Hat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy met upon arriving in the Land of Wano. Otama was arrested by some members of the Beast Pirates after she defended the name of Kozuki Oden. Though there’s only limited information about her, it is safe to say that Otama is on the side of the Straw Hat Pirates alliance.

Otama was about to be imprisoned by Emperor Kaido’s subordinates, together with his pet Komachiyo. Luckily, Luffy saved her from Emperor Kaido’s men and helped her turn the wild baboon into her pet. Otama has the power to make Kibi Dangos out of her cheeks, which are used to tame wild beasts.

After rescuing her from the enemies, Otama started to become comfortable with Luffy and called him “big brother.” Otama revealed that they are currently in Kuri, a region in the Land of Wano. Without any knowledge about the Land of Wano and after losing the Vivre Card, Luffy could ask Otama to become his temporary traveling companion.

In the preview for One Piece Episode 894, Luffy and Otama are set to talk about the late Whitebeard Pirates second division commander Portgas D. Ace.

“Transcending time and space, the bond between Ace and Luffy is reconnected in the Land of Wano. What did Ace promise Otama after he saved her village? Another legend of Ace is revealed. And with the appearance of a rookie with a bounty of 100 million another crisis closes in.”

The upcoming episode of One Piece will feature a flashback of Ace. Like Luffy, Ace also managed to reach the Land of Wano. Seeing an unconscious pirate at their shore, the citizens of the Land of Wano decided to tie Ace with a rope to prevent him from causing any trouble. However, when he woke up, Ace easily freed himself with the help of his devil fruit power. Everyone at Kuri was afraid of Ace, including Otama. Ace showed them that he’s not a bad pirate and since then, he and Otama became good friends. Before Ace left the Land of Wano to continue on his journey, he made a promise to Otama.

One Piece Episode 894 will also feature Luffy encountering a strange looking samurai inside Otama’s house. As a way of returning the favor for saving her, Otama brought Luffy into her house and gave him some food. However, Otama didn’t have much to offer since most of the foods in the Land of Wano are going to Emperor Kaido and his allies. The preview for One Piece Episode 894 also showed a mysterious pirate with a bounty of 100 million berries. The pirate is holding a sword and an ax and resembles the face of X Drake, one of the members of the Worst Generation.

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