Julianne Hough Judges Brad Paisley, Who Is Set To Judge ‘America’s Got Talent’

On Sunday, Julianne Hough dressed her best country self in a floral Western shirt. She rocked the buttoned-down top featuring flowers, stripes, and a pointy collar while welcoming Brad Paisley to America’s Got Talent ahead of his guest judging appearance this coming week on Instagram.

On the post, which was obviously a publicity stunt, Hough asked the universe what kind of judge Brad Paisley will end up being when he does the tricky new job on AGT.

Julianne was fairly eloquent as she expressed an opinion to answer her own question.

“[Brad] is going to look for artistry and probably someone who he really can see as a… true performer, someone who is going to have a lasting career,” she said. “I think Brad is going to be very encouraging and just letting all the contestants know that he is there to support and root for them.”

Hough also believed that her temporary colleague was “going to be really funny” and that he wasn’t going to “take himself too seriously. ”

Brad answered Julianne’s pressing question as well.

“I don’t know. I am not in a combative mood. I’d like to be one of those judges who is just supportive and kind. Simon’s here for the other part,” joked the country singer who was wearing a 10 gallon hat as he expressed himself.

“I think I am looking for that person that feels like they can win it all. Also, I am looking for that person that isn’t perfect, that you know it’s in there, you know that they have exactly what it takes but maybe they weren’t quite everything they needed to be [while performing] because, you know, this is a do-or-die situation for a lot of these people and some of them panic.”

Earlier this week, Julianne and Brad were also seen together on Instagram. This time the assignment was to sing and dance to a new song they would create on the spot about AGT.

To help start the creative process, Julianne pulled a line of lyrics out of a bucket while Brad strummed and she danced. The lines kept coming out of the same bucket, but Hough had to tone down her dancing because she was bouncing around too much for Paisley to be able to read what was on each piece of paper.

The result was kind of a mess. However, watching these talents laughing at their efforts as they tried to figure out how to express themselves on the fly was well worth the social media post, seen above.

Meanwhile, plan on seeing more antics between Julianne Hough and Brad Paisley when the two sit together as the country star guest judges on AGT this Tuesday on NBC.

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