First Transgender ‘Big Brother’ Houseguest Claims Producers Told Her To Come Out On Camera

Big Brother producers are coming under fire by viewers this season, due to the edit some of the houseguests are getting. Houseguests Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews have been caught on the live feeds more than a handful of times talking very disrespectfully about some of the women in the house, but are shown to be compassionate and understanding on the broadcast shows.

For instance, the men have referred to Kemi Faknule and Nicole Anthony as “maggots” and “cancer” and have called them “f***ing b****es” on numerous occasions. None of this is playing out when the show airs, and live feed viewers are furious.

The uproar of fans on Twitter has a former Big Brother houseguest stepping up to tell her story and how she struggled with the producers of the show. Audrey Middleton was the first transgender houseguest on Big Brother; she competed in Season 17. The former reality star came out to her roommates on Day 1 when everyone was introducing themselves, but a new tweet from Audrey is proving that’s not how she wanted it to go down.

“I have never said this publicly, mostly out of fear, however, Big Brother doesn’t give a s*** about representation. A week before I was cast I was flown out to LA and *told* I should come out on national television because they were worried about perception,” Audrey tweeted.

Audrey’s time on Big Brother occurred around the same time that Caitlyn Jenner had come out as transgender and was making headlines daily.

“The producers told me, there was so much positivity around Kaitlyn [sic] Jenner’s coming out they didn’t want to be the only network airing negativity. They said if I didn’t come out it would look bad and then told me I should come out when the Champaign [sic] was popped,” she continued.

In more tweets, Audrey called Big Brother a “completely corrupt operation,” that was only out to earn money. She brought up the “bigoted” houseguests who show up every season, which appears to be evident in Season 21 more than ever. All three houseguests currently in Camp Comeback are minorities and have been verbally attacked by some of the other players in the game.

“They can’t exploit the Jack’s because they need to be likable for the long game to retain viewership,” Audrey added.

Audrey’s Twitter thread brought in thousands of likes and got tons of support from Big Brother viewers. So many were sympathetic to her story and apologized to her for being told to come out on national television at a time that was not of her choosing.

Big Brother airs every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

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