George Michael’s London Mansion Trashed By Boyfriend Fadi Fawaz

Singer George Michael’s former partner Fadi Fawaz, who reportedly continues to live in the deceased musician’s luxury London home has been photographed next to smashed windowpanes smoking a cigarette.

The Daily Mail revealed that Fawaz has been “squatting” in the $5 million London mansion since Michael died in 2016. A local builder says that he saw the 45-year-old ex-boyfriend of the Wham! singer “going berserk” smashing windows and light fixtures.

Fawaz, who is reportedly unemployed was photographed shirtless with a cigarette in his mouth leaning over the balcony in front of broken custom windows in Regent’s Park. Fawaz, a former hairdresser has a drink balanced on the wrought-iron balcony with a down duvet wrapped around his feet.

The builder in the neighborhood said that “the panes were damaged when Mr. Fawaz went berserk and smashed at least nine windows and fan lights. There was glass flying everywhere. He went absolutely berserk.”

But Fawaz’s excuse was that he was “renovating” the property when the damage was done accidentally, and there was no problem.

“I can ask when it’ll be done and let you know. It’s all right, it is all in hand.”

It was Fawaz who found the singer dead in his Oxfordshire home on Christmas Day 2016 and claimed at the time that Michael had taken his own life.

But an autopsy determined that the pop singer died of natural causes when the coroner ruled that Michael had dilated cardiomyopathy with myocarditis and fatty liver.

A neighbor claims that Fawaz, who has squatted in the home since the singer died is a “vampire recluse” only going out at night, and seldom seen during the day. Michael has a third property in England, but none of the three were left to Fawaz, and are now owned by the singer’s sisters.

It’s unclear what has caused Fawaz’s current behavior, but the other property in London which is part of the George Michael estate, in Highgate is now available for rent, explains The Inquisitr.

Michael left the bulk of his estate to his sisters, Melanie and Yioda, and the two have decided to rent out the Highgate home through a luxury agency for $19,000 per week.

A source close to the family explains that they aren’t ready to sell the property, so this is a good solution.

“The family don’t want to let it go yet, instead they want others to enjoy the beautiful house. Nobody knows which A-lister will be in there yet but it is likely to be somebody really big. It’s the most ideal place, kitted out for celebrities.”

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