Prince Harry Accused Of Turning Against The Media ‘Big Time,’ & It Might Be Due To Meghan Markle

A former royal reporter, Tim Ewart, has accused Prince Harry of turning against the media, according to Yahoo News. Tim noted that Prince Harry used to have a hostile attitude towards the media when he started working on official engagements.

“He [Harry] would turn his back to the cameras, he wouldn’t respond, but I think gradually that greatly improved and relations became much, much more relaxed,” he noted.

But at the same time, Ewart noted that he thinks Harry has “turned against the media again big time.”

“It’s simply because of what he perceives as media treatment of Meghan. He perceives it as being hostile, unfair, unreasonable, bordering in his mind, on racist,” he explained.

The idea that the British coverage of Meghan is potentially racist is something that’s been raised previously by the likes of Oprah and Priyanka Chopra. And that’s not to mention that Harry released a rare statement when he was dating Meghan, because he was upset about the way Markle was being treated by the press.

Plus, the relationship between Harry and the media has had its ups and downs, with some of it attributed to the loss of his mother, Princess Diana. Her tragic death has been blamed on paparazzi, and for a royal like Harry, the presence of paparazzi can seem unending.

As far as recent events that have led to tons of complaints by the British press and public goes, one immediately thinks of Archie’s birth and christening. Meghan and Harry decided to forgo the traditions that Kate Middleton and other women before her have exercised during these milestone moments.

So instead of posing in front of the hospital with Archie right after his birth, Meghan opted to release a photo on Instagram later on. And instead of inviting the press to Archie’s christening, the family opted to enjoy a private ceremony.

Only time will tell whether Harry will continue to be allegedly “turned against” the media. Considering that Archie is his first son, it wouldn’t be too surprising if he is extra protective of him. Plus, it probably doesn’t help that the media constantly criticizes Meghan for every little thing.

Because while there was an outcry after the Duchess allegedly touched her stomach “too much” while she was pregnant, the bashing has continued thanks to the way Markle held Archie during a public event.

At the very least, it looks like the Sussex Instagram account is updated quite often, giving fans an inside look at their busy lives.

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