Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Add To Their Menagerie With A New Furry Family Member

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have added to their family by adopting a pooch. The sweet brown dog’s picture was posted on Nicole’s Instagram, where she admitted this was not just her first puppy, but actually her very first dog.

“Been waiting my whole life for this!” the 52-year-old gushed earlier this week on Instagram.

After reading that astounding statement, one might think Kidman and Urban had been petless prior to getting their Cavoodle — a cross between a poodle and a Cavalier King Charles spaniel. It just so happens that concept is far from the real truth.

For starters, the Kidman-Urban family are proud to include six alpacas as part of the tribe. These exotic animals live on their Nashville farm, where they stay and wait for their humans to come home because, obviously, these gawky, yet adorable creatures don’t travel well. Still, they probably get an earful about where their people have been and what they’ve been up to upon the family’s returns to Tennessee.

Apparently, these breed of camelids are very good listeners and even move their ears back and forth and all around when being part of any pleasant discussion.

But the famous family’s menagerie doesn’t stop with their herd of alpacas. These animal lovers also house one bunny. Nicole told Ellen Degeneres that he or she is called Bunny Foo Foo. The rabbit might have been named by one of the couple’s two children — Faith Margaret, 8 and Sunday Rose, 11 — although Kidman didn’t disclose how the carrot-loving pet received such a playful moniker.

Then there’s Reg The Fourth, described by his mom as being a red fish. After some probing and a guess that the Hawaii-born, Australian-raised actress was talking about a goldfish, Nicole described more about the slimy creature, stating that he has to live by himself or bad things will happen as this breed is very territorial. Ellen correctly guessed that Reg The Fourth is a Siamese fighting fish.

These picturesque fish who really do fight with their own are “renowned for their vivid colors and ethereal fins, which can take on forms that resemble everything from a flowing veil to an elephant’s ear,” described Pet Circle.

Meanwhile, the Kidman-Urban’s new pet is probably much more lovable than their Siamese fighting fish. In fact, the pup already seems to be in love with Nicole, as he or she has been seen getting close to the beautiful lady on Instagram. Apparently, both mom and dog have already reached the bonding stage.

Since Nicole, Keith, or anyone else in the family apparently has not yet named the new pup, perhaps fans will offer their ideas to the new owners. They can do so via any number of social media messages directed at the proper parties.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban can both be found on Instagram.

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