Spoilers For ‘The Young And The Restless’: Christian Rejects His Dad

Stunning new The Young and the Restless spoilers show that the little boy at the center of Nick and Adam’s custody dispute, Christian, rejects his dad.

Although he’s not having much luck so far, Adam (Mark Grossman) is ready to see both his sons — Connor and Christian. Soon after Adam got shot and regained his memories, he remembered his sons, and he reached out to Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan). Shortly after, he filed a custody suit to take Christian away from Nick (Joshua Morrow). Not surprisingly, Adam’s attempts to get back into his son’s lives have not been well received by either Nick or Chelsea.

Chelsea’s new husband, Calvin (John Burke) had adopted Connor, but when Calvin followed Chelsea to Genoa City, he ended up passing away from a heart attack. Despite her newly single status, Chelsea rejected Adam’s pleas to reunite as a family, according to The Inquisitr. Plus, Chelsea learns of Adam’s attempt to set her up for Calvin’s death, and she is rightfully furious.

Against the odds, Adam is not letting anything or anyone stop him in his quest reunite with his children, and according to SheKnows Soaps, soon, Adam runs into Nick and Christian in Chancellor Park, which must be a nightmare for Nick.

Adam bumps into Sharon (Sharon Case) and Faith (Alyvia Alyn Lind) at Crimson Lights, and Sharon isn’t thrilled to see him. When they leave, he follows them to the park where they meet up with Nick and Christian. After a while, Adam walks over and introduces himself to Christian. Adam asks his son if he remembers him, and then Adam offers to take Christian to get a popsicle. Afraid, Christian rejects Adam’s offer. Both Nick and Sharon are furious, and Nick takes Christian and Faith away while Sharon stays to talk with Adam.

Sharon lets Adam know that she is sorry she ever helped him come back to Genoa City and regain his memories. She cannot believe how dark and twisted he is acting, which is surprising considering this is the man who made her think that Faith had died when she was born. Sharon wonders if Adam ever considered what would happen if he takes Christian from Nick. Adam isn’t quite sure what Sharon is so angry about, but she tells him she’s furious at herself. Sharon cannot believe that she failed to see the real Adam, and she is mad that she allowed herself to be taken in by him again.

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