WWE Spoilers: Brock Lesnar Could Cash In His MITB Briefcase At ‘Extreme Rules’

Ever since Brock Lesnar shockingly won the title shot briefcase at Money In The Bank, there have been numerous teases of him cashing it in. Most of the time, this revolved around Paul Heyman saying that his client was going to come and take the title, but then, nothing happened. Now, WWE is about to present its Extreme Rules pay-per-view, and there are potential spoilers flying around saying that Lesnar is ready to come for a title.

At first, Lesnar didn’t appear to understand the concept of the briefcase and didn’t know that he had a full year to use it. Once that was solidified in his brain, he decided to hold off on cashing in his title opportunity until a time that suited him better.

In true Brock Lesnar fashion, he’s been noticeably absent from WWE television but represented by Heyman. That is the same guy who is now the Executive Director of Monday Night Raw, which means any and all plans in the company may have changed in the last few weeks.

On this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, Heyman went to the ring with a mic to let the fans know that Lesnar was going to cash in his briefcase at Extreme Rules. As detailed in a video on WWE‘s official website, the business advocate for the beast said that may or may not be a spoiler, but everyone will have to wait and see.

On Sunday night at Extreme Rules, Kofi Kingston will put his WWE Championship on the line against Samoa Joe. Seth Rollins will have his WWE Universal Title on the line in a “Winners Take All Extreme Rules Match,” which will also include Becky Lynch, Lacey Evans, and Baron Corbin.

It’s not as if Brock Lesnar needs any help in winning a match, but he certainly would get one if he decided to cash it in on Sunday. Whether Rollins, Kingston, Joe, or Corbin emerges victorious with the title at Extreme Rules, they would most certainly be at a disadvantage to a fresh Lesnar.

No-one really knows how he will cash in the MITB briefcase or if he will even do it on Sunday, but many are having fun predicting how it will happen. Sportskeeda even offered up the scenario of a returning Ronda Rousey helping Lesnar win the title from Seth Rollins.

No matter when it happens, the idea that Brock Lesnar has the Money in the Bank briefcase is extremely terrifying. The fact that he has Paul Heyman dropping possible spoilers for him makes things more unnerving, and it leaves a lot of question up in the air when it comes to Extreme Rules.

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