WWE Rumors: WWE Has No Plans Of Letting Sting Wrestle Another Match Ever

When Sting first appeared in WWE, wrestling fans thought that the long-awaited dream match between him and The Undertaker was finally possible. Had age and injuries not caught up to him, it’s quite possible that match would have happened. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out that way and now, it appears as if they never will as rumors are swirling that WWE will never let the Hall of Famer in the ring again.

There has always been hope that Sting and The Undertaker would face one another in the ring, but it just never took place. It’s not like that dream match and hopeful feud needs a lot of promotion to get people talking, but it recently landed back in the spotlight once again.

WWE recently introduced a new series called WWE Reimagined and it essentially looks at the “what if?” possibilities from the past. The first video wonders what it would have been like if The Undertaker had jumped ship to WCW back in the ’90s, and it raised a lot of interesting possibilities.

The video looks at the possibility of Sting taking on The Undertaker, and it made fans start talking about that match happening in WWE. It was already almost a certainty that it wouldn’t happen, and it appears as if Vince McMahon and others simply won’t let Sting in the ring again.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Ringside News, stated that the feeling backstage is that Sting won’t wrestle another match. Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer says that there is simply too much risk involved and it’s just not a good idea for anyone who could be involved.

“From those on the inside, the belief is that the company would never risk Sting taking a bump given he never had surgery on his neck. He’s a 60 year old man with spinal stenosis and the idea of him wrestling is not even broached.”

WWE’s huge contract for events in Saudi Arabia is the perfect way for them to bring back legends for huge one-off matches. That’s what happened recently with Goldberg at Super ShowDown, but it didn’t end up going nearly as all had planned.

Still, just because that match had issues with injuries and mishaps doesn’t mean all of them will. The Inquisitr even reported months ago that Sting would be willing to come out of retirement for one more match, but it would have to be against The Undertaker and no one else.

Wrestling fans around the world would give anything to see Sting and The Undertaker finally have a match that should have happened years ago. Age and injuries are essentially keeping it from happening now, and that is unlikely to ever change in the eyes of WWE and its doctors. One never knows what will actually take place, but fans shouldn’t count on this one.

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