Hannah Brown Is Making Around $100,000 For Starring On ‘The Bachelorette’

Hannah Brown is still in the midst of her journey to find love on The Bachelorette. The southern belle made an unprecedented move in the most recent episode when she decided not to send any of her four remaining men home. The four men who are still fighting for her heart include Luke Parker, Jed Wyatt, Peter Weber, and Tyler Cameron. Because she believed she still saw a future with all four guys, she decided to give them all roses and continue the journey for another week. As we move into the fantasy suite dates in the upcoming episode, Brown is nearing even closer to the end of the journey and hopefully finding her future spouse. What many people might not know is that Brown is also making a pretty nice paycheck for starring on the show, according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

Imagine being presented with dozens of charming, attractive men, each of them trying to win you over. Then take into account that you’re also making six figures for simply playing the role of the bachelorette. This is the case for Brown, who is making well over $100,000 for taking on the starring role.

This information was divulged by show expert Amy Kaufman who said that it is “incredibly rare for someone to make less than six figures. So it is safe to say that most of the past bachelors and bachelorettes have taken home at least $100,000.”

Brown has reportedly been negotiating with the owners of the show to receive even more money than that, however the exact number has not been released and is also impacted by factors such as ratings.

Of course, Brown’s influx of cash won’t stop once the show has stopped airing. She will likely be presented with many social media deals, just as the rest of the bachelor and bachelorettes before her have. Typically, these deals are pretty simple, requiring her just to post an Instagram photo using a sponsored brand’s product. A post that took only minutes to complete could still rack in over $1,000, depending on follower count.

As for whether or not Brown finds what she was really after when she signed up for the show, we’ll have to wait for a few more weeks. From the very beginning, she made it clear that she was taking the entire process very seriously and was motivated by the hope of finding her future husband.

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