Social Media Is Really Hating On Burger King Tacos

Burger King now has tacos, but maybe you shouldn’t quit your late-night Taco Bell runs just yet.

Earlier in the week, Burger King unveiled its limited-edition $1 tacos. While on the surface, that looks like a great deal, most people who have tried the fast food say it’s a waste of money.

Cosmopolitan reporter Megan Schaltegger tried the new food thinking they looked delicious from the promo pics, but she said Burger King is “catfishing us all.”

The tacos hit menus on Tuesday. They have seasoned beef, shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce, and taco sauce, but Schaltegger said they are so not worth it.

Citing a picture of a very sad taco, the Cosmo writer might be right. She states it was a sad, soggy version of the Taco Bell favorite.

“Tacos don’t look like someone straight-up sat on ’em!” she wrote.

While Schaltegger said they didn’t taste as bad as they looked, she wouldn’t buy them again. She said the taco sauce overpowered the whole attempt at the Mexican favorite.

A reporter from Business Insider also tried the Crispy Taco from Burger King. When Irene Jiang went to go order the tacos from a New York City store, the cashier didn’t even know what she was talking about, which isn’t a good sign. Did this mean that employees weren’t told how to properly prepare them either?

Jiang said she “immediately understood why it only cost a dollar.” She stated that the shell was greasy and warped and looked nothing like the advertisement. The shell was “far from golden, and it clung lopsidedly to the filling.” As for the insides, they were a “gooey, disappointing, confusing mess.”

As for real social media users, it’s not faring much better.

“It’s the worst food item I’ve ever had,” one said on Twitter.

“If you are out here ordering that taco from Burger King, you are dirty,” another user said.

Another user gave the item a five out of 10.

Is the thought of these tacos bringing you déjà vu? Well, that’s probably because Burger King put these on the menu a decade ago. The tacos are modeled after a similar menu item from Jack in the Box.

In 2018, Burger King got in a battle with Kanye West over social media.

“McDonald’s is my favorite restaurant,” he tweeted.

Burger King snapped back with, “eyes still closed I guess” and “explains a lot.”

As far as the tacos go, Cosmo said to stick with what you know, Burger King. They must mean burgers.

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