WWE News: Former World Champ Tried To Talk The Undertaker Out Of Wrestling Goldberg, Taker Laughed At Him

Anyone who watched last month’s WWE Super ShowDown from Saudi Arabia knows that the main event didn’t go quite as planned. Bill Goldberg suffered an injury midway through the match, which affected how things went with The Undertaker, and it was quite noticeable. Despite not knowing that an injury would occur, one former World Champion called Taker before the match and tried to talk him out of it.

Once the match was over, fans took to social media to rip it and bring it down in every possible way. As reported by The Inquisitr, superstars such as Kane and others took up for their fellow superstars and said that there are those times when things just happen and can’t be helped.

Still, there are others who simply believe that they know when something isn’t going to work out as many may think. After being around the world of professional wrestling and WWE for long enough, guys like Batista have a general idea of how certain decisions may work out, even if they end up being wrong.

In the case of Batista’s early warning and thoughts about the main event at WWE Super ShowDown, he most certainly wasn’t wrong.

The former World Heavyweight Champion recently spoke with GQ to promote his new movie, Stuber, and talked about a number of topics. One of the things he revealed is that he actually called The Undertaker and tried to talk him out of wrestling Goldberg last month.

At WrestleMania 35, Batista wrestled Triple H in a No Holds Barred Match, and he did confirm again that it was his final match. He may show back up in WWE from time-to-time for an appearance, but there are no more matches left in him.

Batista didn’t wrestle for WWE in Saudi Arabia last month, but he knew what was coming with the event. He said he would have not traveled over there for the event, and he actually tried to get The Undertaker to not go and take the match either.

“I called, man. I called Taker and said, ‘Is there any way I could change your mind?’ He laughed, and I knew I couldn’t change his mind. He said it sounded good when we first started talking about it. I only saw highlights which were, you know, low lights. It was not good. It’s just bad circumstances all the way around.”

Batista went on to say that he feels as if The Undertaker is still wrestling and around WWE because he loves it, but he wishes that the company would “utilize him in the right way.” The former world champ just feels as if a “novelty match” with Goldberg was the wrong way to use him, and that is why he tried to talk him out it.

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