Meghan Markle Reportedly ‘Rules The Roost’ When It Comes To Her Marriage

Meghan Markle cracks the whip in her household.

At least that’s how biographer Penny Junor sees it. In an interview on Channel 4, Junor said that Meghan is pulling all of the strings, The Sun reported.

Junor, author of Harry and Meghan: The Baby Years, said that when Harry met Meghan, he was a “little bit lost” and “lonely.”

Harry had watched William and Kate settle down and have a cozy family and wanted to have something like that for himself, Junor said.

“And he loved the children and he loved raiding their fridge and spending time with them. But I think he wanted that for himself. I would say he was a little in the wilderness,” she said.

Many of Harry’s previous girlfriends seemed to be ill-equipped to deal with the media attention that came along with being involved with him. With Meghan, it was different. In a way, her acting career had prepared her for the attention, so she was somewhat suited for the kind of fishbowl life that a member of the royal family lives, the author pointed out.

The duchess is also very determined, Junor said. The couple’s engagement interview in 2017 provided insight into the dynamics of their relationship.

“I think Meghan is a very strong woman and it was absolutely clear that she very much wanted to be part of that interview. She wasn’t just going to be a little flower sitting beside her Prince, she was going to take part and quite clearly she rules the roost.”

This is not the first time Meghan has been accused of running the household. Fans of the royal couple might remember when Meghan’s former friend Lizzie Cundy claimed that Meghan had pushed many of Prince Harry’s friends out of their social circle.

Cundy said that even one of Harry’s very close friends was pushed away.

“She’s ruling the roost,” Cundy said in an interview with talkRADIO, per The Sun. She explained that she didn’t want to call out the friend, but said he was there for Harry in Las Vegas when he got into trouble a few years ago.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, royal biographer Tom Bower also said that Harry was easily influenced by Meghan.

“I think Harry is a really decent bloke but easily influenced,” Bower said in an interview with The Sun.

Bower went on to say that he thought that while Meghan may be the one running the household, Harry has found a “great love” with her.

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