Lil Wayne Stormed Off The Stage On The Blink-182 Tour, Complained About Crowd Size

Lil Wayne stormed off stage midway through a performance recently in Virginia, causing fans to wonder what will happen to the Blink-182 tour.

The Independent reported that Wayne was at the midway point between pop-punk band Neck Deep and Blink-182 and was in the middle of the third track of 30 for the evening.

He suddenly called for his music to be stopped and talked directly to the crowd, according to USA Today.

“Hold on, I just want the people to know, if you’re wondering, please forgive me but I am so not used to performing to a crowd — and there’s not too many — that’s not my swag,” he said, stopping one of his songs. “I’m not sure how long I’m going to be able to do this tour, but make some noise for Blink-182 for including me anyway. This might be my last night though. Let’s go.”

Wayne, 36, added that the show could be the “last” on the tour, and walked off stage announcing “y’all are wack, I’m out of here,” according to The Independent.

Audience members, as well as his band, seemed confused at the Jiffy Lube Live outdoor arena.

Wayne had complained earlier about the show’s low crowd size, according to Cosmopolitan, asking fans to forgive him for pointing it out, but he wasn’t used to performing for such a crowd. He asked the audience to thank Blink-182 for letting him perform.

Fans went to Twitter in obvious disappointment.

One fan said, “Came to Jiffylube to see @LilTunechi tonight and my mans did 4 songs, said ‘y’all are wack I’m outta here’ and dipped off the stage. He just entered Lebron territory in my book. GOAT to WOAT in a matter of 15 minutes.”

The tour was supposed to run through September, but neither Wayne nor Blink-182 have commented on the status of Wayne’s performances. The tour’s next stop is Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion in Bangor, Maine on Saturday night.

It might’ve seemed awkward that Lil Wane would be performing with the punk band Blink-182, to begin with, but the unlikely twosome kicked the tour off in late June in Columbus, Ohio. On the tour, Blink-182 performs their 20-year-old album Enema of the State in full, according to Billboard. The tour planned to stop in Tampa, Houston, Los Angeles, Denver and more cities across the nation.

Will he or won’t he come back for another gig? Well, we don’t know yet. See the video for yourself:

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