‘The Young And The Restless’ Star Joshua Morrow Teases Chelsea And Nick Spoilers

Chelsea has leaned on Nick since her return to Genoa City, and new The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that things continue to move forward with these two. Joshua Morrow teased the situation and gave some insight into Nick’s thinking.

Since her return to town, Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) has relied on Nick (Joshua Morrow) to help her out when she’s needed it, instead of Adam (Mark Grossman), and Nick finds himself drawn to her in spite of what she did last year. Chelsea’s sudden departure broke Nick’s heart, but now that time has passed, Nick can forget some of the bad and remember the good things they shared.

Morrow discussed the situation with Soap Opera Digest recently, and he gave insight into his character’s mindset about Chelsea since she came back into his life.

“There’s a part of him that is moved beyond words just to be in the same room as her,” the actor admitted. “They [originally] came together at a time when they were grieving and they really needed each other. They developed what I thought was a beautiful relationship. There was this element of Adam hanging above them, but they were really working on that. When she left, it broke his heart into a million pieces. When he saw her again, obviously, you can see it in his eyes that he still loves this woman, but he’s scared.”

The reason Nick is scared is that Chelsea is so predictable. Not only that, but he also knows that she shared a special relationship with Adam before the cabin explosion left him presumed dead. Nick also understands how ruthless Adam can be, and he knows that his baby brother will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Right now, Adam wants his sons, Christian and Connor, as well as Chelsea, if that’s possible. Nick does not trust Adam, and he wants to protect Chelsea from Adam’s newly returned dark side.

Nick is also concerned that Chelsea will choose to run again, and several times he’s already mentioned to her that running shouldn’t be an option for her this time. While neither one is particularly looking for love at this moment, especially with Calvin (John Burke) so recently gone, the feelings they felt for each other haven’t just disappeared.

Yes, Chelsea had feelings for Adam, but she also mourned him and learned to live without him these past three years. Things with Nick are more recent.

The Inquisitr reported that sparks soon fly between these two.

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