Man From ‘Bagel Boss’ Video Has YouTube Channel With Other Angry Confrontations

The big viral video on the Internet Wednesday, per The Inquisitr, consisted of a man getting into a confrontation with several other customers in a Long Island bagel store, complaining about women on dating sites discriminating against him due to his height, and eventually getting tackled by another man. The man was soon dubbed “Bagel Boss,” after the name of the store where the confrontation took place.

Per The New York Post, it turns out the man has made a habit out of filming various public confrontations.

According to the newspaper, the man has a YouTube channel under the name “Chris Morgan,” where he posts videos of himself getting into public confrontations with others. It’s unclear if that’s the man’s real name.

The videos are replete with racial and homophobic slurs on the man’s part, as well as multiple references to his short height, and what he sees as mistreatment because of it.

In one particularly ugly video, titled “Ghetto hoodrat cuts in front of me to use bathroom,” the man insults a woman in front of her young child, and then the confrontation escalates into the physical as the child cries and the man asks for a manager.

In other videos on the channel, the man confronts a 7-11 manager–to whom he says “‘I don’t like foreigners”–a neighbor, and police officers.

The bagel shop video was posted to Twitter Wednesday by a user named “Olivia Shea,” and she described the man as a “misogynistic douchebag” who “was degrading almost all of the female staff.” The video had over 20 million views in just over 24 hours, as of midday on Thursday.

Vice filled in some backstory on the original video, which was shot in the Bagel Boss location in Bay Shore on Long Island.

A woman in the store, per Vice, said that the man entered the store, ordered a bagel sandwich, and soon confronted the employee for “smirking” at him. That’s around when the video starts, as the man launches into a rant about women on dating sites telling him that they won’t date him because he’s 5-feet tall, and that “you should be dead.” He then says he gets the same smirk everywhere he goes.

Another customer then posted a second video on Twitter, from after the man was tackled, at which point he is asked to leave, throws his sandwich on the ground, and shouts “f*ck your f*cking breakfast.” But he then goes back over and picks up the sandwich, while continuing to yell at Bagel Boss patrons before he’s ultimately escorted out of the restaurant.

The owner of several Bagel Boss locations announced via Twitter a giveaway of free mini-bagels for anyone who mentions the incident, while Long Island-based Blue Point Brewing company tweeted plans to produce a Bagel Boss-themed beer.

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