Jennifer Hudson Is Shocked When Diana Ross Pulls Her From Audience To Share A Duet

Jennifer Hudson got the surprise of her life when singing legend Diana Ross pulled her from the audience to sing a song with her Wednesday night at a concert in Chicago.

Hudson shared several posts on Instagram chronicling the event. In one video, Hudson was standing in the wings, watching Ross perform from the side of the stage. Ross stops, and someone motioned for Hudson to go ahead. Hudson seemed hesitant until Ross waved her onstage. Wearing a pair of fuzzy slippers and an expression of utter shock, she joined Ross onstage as the crowd cheered.

Some of the audio in the video is unintelligible, but as Hudson made her way to Ross, the “Chain Reaction” singer put her arms around the American Idol contestant’s neck. Hudson told Ross she was in her hometown and that she had to come see her. The two spoke for a moment as the crowd went wild.

Another video clip showed the two singing “Endless Love,” in which Hudson was visibly shaken and thrilled with the notion that she was sharing the same stage as a legend.

In another video, Hudson was sitting in a car and explaining how surprised she was about the experience.

Fans loved hearing about Hudson’s experience, with many expressing joy for the Dreamgirls star.

“Welcome to your fans world JHUD!! Because this is our exact feelings when we meet u,” one fan wrote.

“Ummmm, when you have a voice like yours, what’d you expect???” another follower asked.

“Wow!!! I love how you still get blown away by your own idols even when you are so successful in your own right. Shows how lovely and grounded you are,” one fan pointed out.

In yet another post, still obviously reeling from the night, Hudson shared that she did not see any of that coming, calling the experience a dream.

“So I surely didn’t expect or believe it when they told me @dianaross want you to come to the stage! if @dianaross say for u to come to the stage, u come to the stage!” she said in the Instagram post.

Hudson recently made a show-stopping appearance at the Wawa Welcome America Concert in Philadelphia last week. Wearing shimmering silver short shorts, a silver corset and a flowing silver wrap, the Oscar winner belted out favorites for the crowd.

Fans wanting to keep up with what’s going on Hudson’s life can follow her Instagram account.

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