Mariah Carey Gives Makeup Artist Kristofer Buckle A Makeover

Mariah Carey recently revamped her makeup artist in a totally 2000s-inspired way.

In a YouTube video for Cosmopolitan called “Turn The Beat Around,” Carey and her MUA Kristofer Buckle switched places for a moment.

Buckle is the creator of Kristofer Buckle Cosmetics and has done the faces of gorgeous celebs like Blake Lively, Victoria Beckham, and Kelly Ripa. Carey, as we know, is a sensational diva, but is also on the cover of the latest Cosmopolitan magazine.

In the video, the tables are turned and Carey explains she will be doing Buckle’s face as he did hers in a look from three years ago. Carey’s “Lambs,” as she calls them, know that she went to beauty school, so she’s not exactly a beginner in doing makeup.

Carey, looking slim and trim in a black bodysuit and jeans, takes the eye brush as she answers questions posed by Buckle. The first question: What is her favorite look? She answered, “The ‘Honey (Remix),'” when she wore a cropped, brown two-piece outfit, and had long straight hair and a black smoky eye. It was the first video in which Buckle made-up Carey.

Surprisingly, Buckle also did the makeup for Carey’s Lamb-loved film Glitter.

What trend would Carey want to kill from the 1990s-2000s? She says the bleached, thin eyebrow look. A photo from the past shows Carey’s thinner look, but honestly, she still looks gorgeous.

“When you’re first starting, you think you have to go along with what everyone says,” Carey said.

Carey talks about her dark-haired counterpart Bianca, which Buckle and Carey invented as an alter-ego.

“She had a few incarnations,” Buckle said, noting the “Heartbreaker” video.

Carey laughs in the makeover video and says that Buckle’s smoky eye isn’t exactly blended.

“This shows you why I always get my makeup done.”

Carey and Buckle reminisce about her favorite performances, like duets with Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin. Buckle did a lot of her looks for those performances, and he remembers how awesome it was to meet Ricky Martin back in the day.

She reveals to Buckle that she doesn’t have a favorite song that she wrote, saying “they’re all an extension of me.” Her least favorite songs are her earliest.

“That was then, this is now.”

Also an interesting factoid: She’s not into “baking,” and the artist says it’s for “clowns.”

Carey uses her “creative choice” in Buckle’s makeup, and it shows. It’s definitely a look. Check it out below.

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