‘Big Little Lies’ Cuts Ice Cream-Throwing Scene From Latest Episode, To The Outrage Of Fans

Last August, during filming for the well-anticipated second season of HBO’s hit series Big Little Lies, a riveting assortment of on-set images were leaked, to the delight of fans.

One of these images showed the fiery Madeline Mackenzie (played by Reese Witherspoon) launching an ice cream cone at the show’s newest character, the passive-aggressive Mary Louise Wright (played by Meryl Streep), per USA Today. Streep plays the mother of the abusive Perry Wright (Alexander Skarsgård) and mother-in-law of Celeste Wright (Nicole Kidman).

The comical picture quickly inspired even more enthusiasm for the new season. One fan tweeted “I am praying Reese pelts Meryl with that ice cream. #BigLittleLies.” — to which Witherspoon replied “Oh Matt! No need to pray. I got her!”

The second season finally premiered in June and is currently only two episodes away from its big finale. The show’s latest episode, entitled “Kill Me,” is the one in which the ice cream-throwing scene was seemingly meant to take place — after all, both characters are sporting the same outfits as they wore in the on-set pictures.

However, upon watching the show last Sunday, many fans were quick to spot that this intense moment between Madeline and Mary Louise was missing from the episode.

“This moment has been hyped up for A YEAR! Then it’s just cut from the show?” said a fan on Twitter. “I can’t imagine the Monterey meltdown that would ensue after Madeline throws this ice cream cone. Peak BLL drama. There better be a flashback sequence because we need to see it.”

The two do share a scene in which Madeline is out for ice cream with her daughter Abigail when she spots Mary Louise. She then confronts her about her behavior toward Celeste, with Mary Louise walking away and Madeline whispering “she’s psycho.”

Buzzfeed News also compiled some of the most hilarious reactions to this lost moment from the episode.

“THEY CUT THE ICE CREAM SCENE?!” tweeted one fan. Another wrote “I have been waiting for over a year to watch Reese Witherspoon throw an ice cream at Meryl Streep and for what.”

Buzzfeed News also reports Streep revealed that she found out the scene was cut through Witherspoon, who is an executive producer on the show. Streep also reassured fans disappointed by the missing moment between their characters, saying they will be able to see it as an extra scene when the entire season is released on home media.

Big Little Lies airs Sundays on HBO.

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