Lizzo's Attempt At The 'Bottle Cap Challenge' Is Honestly All Of Us

Taylor Riley

First, it was Jason Statham, then it was Ryan Reynolds. Now, Lizzo is the latest celebrity to take on the bottle cap challenge.

While other celebrities nailed it, that wasn't the case with Lizzo. But much respect for the attempt!

The challenge has been roaring on social media lately, where celebrities and influencers are supposed to get the top off a bottle using their foot. Lizzo's Instagram post shows the funky star try to kick the cap off a bottle, and she legit missed it completely.

Need to see that broken down? Well, she tries again, this time in slow motion. She roundhouse-kicked and made contact the second time, but instead of the cap, she kicked the bottle into her friend's computer.

The most recent celebrities to take part in the challenge are Mariah Carey and Kendall Jenner, but it was taekwondo champion Farabi Davletchin who started the viral game. Participators can try the game by standing before a bottle and twirling cap off with a kick. The sole of their shoe will rotate the cap off and throw it in the air,

Lizzo never proves to be anything less than real, that's for sure. The R&B artist is quickly becoming the newest "It Girl," releasing her album, "Cuz I Love You" in April. Lizzo even rocked the crowds this year at Coachella with her unapologetic girl-power and body-positive anthems.

"I want to see tons of plus-size pop stars," she said to Great Big Story. "I want to see black girl magic. I just want to see us way more."

She told Rolling Stone that she's on a journey of being vulnerable and to not be afraid of being herself.

"I was so afraid of sounding like that for so long. It's a raw part of me that I didn't allow myself to celebrate."

She told CNN that she wants her audience to really know who she is.