Michael Jackson’s Rumored Life-Extending Oxygen Chamber Discovered

The Sun reports that the Daily Mail located Michael Jackson’s oxygen chamber, which he was rumored to take naps in so he could extend his life. It has been tracked to a shipping container in a California warehouse 10 years after his death. The chamber is reportedly being used by an alternative treatment company called Hyperbaric Modular Systems (HMS).

Although the machines are typically used to speed up healing for burn treatment, Jackson was rumored to have purchased the device in 1994 to sleep in, slow the aging process, and live forever. Adrian Garay, president and CEO of HMS, claims that if Jackson did sleep in it, it would likely cause oxygen toxicity in his blood.

Jackson obtained the machine after suffering from second and third-degree burns following an accident on the set of a Pepsi commercial. He settled with Pepsi out of court for $1.5 million in compensation, and two years later, images emerged of the King of Pop laying in the machine.

The National Enquirer first sparked rumors of his mission to achieve everlasting life.

“I’ve taken several long naps in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber and when I awoke I felt like a new person — I’ve never felt better,” they quoted him as saying.

“I want to live to see world peace, a world without hunger, a world where children and all mankind know no suffering.”

But Jackson later shot down the rumors as ludicrous.

“Stupid, that’s stupid. It’s completely made up, and I’m embarrassed.”

Jackson reportedly leaked the photos of himself in the chamber to promote the sci-fi film Captain Eo — written by Geroge Lucas and directed by Francis Ford Coppola — that he starred in, which released in the same year the photos circulated.

Since the 10th anniversary of Jackson’s death this week, the late star has been making headlines for rumors that swirled around his life and after his passing. As The Inquisitr reported, some revisited the unofficial biography Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson, by writer Ian Halperin, which suggested that Jackson had at least two male lovers. Not only that, Jackson reportedly began a fling in 2017 and disguised himself as a woman to avoid being recognized when he met the man at a hotel.

“Michael would leave the house in disguise, often dressed as a woman, and would go to meet his boyfriend at a motel that was one of Vegas’ grungiest dives,” Halperin wrote in his book, adding that Jackson was broke at the time and could barely afford to purchase food for his children.

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