Piers Morgan Accused Of Racism After Criticizing Meghan Markle For Acting Like A Kardashian

Meghan Markle fans were probably not surprised when Piers Morgan went on another tirade against the duchess recently. As usual, he brought up the point that she “drops” people, which deviates only slightly from his past accusations of Meghan “ghosting” him and her family.

“Maybe I’m wrong about her. But there are lots of worrying signs, not least doing up their house with [$3 million] cost to the taxpayer. That’s the behavior of a Kardashian, not somebody who married in to the royal family. They’ve got to be careful,” Morgan noted on Good Morning Britain. And while this was yet another case of Meghan bashing, his latest comments seem to have hit a chord with fans. Newsweek described some of the fan reactions.

“To single her out is nothing but dog whistling to generate hatred and bias towards her because she is mixed race,” Jasmine Harrison noted.

Cynthia Carter from Cardiff University specializes in feminism and media studies. She said that Morgan’s comments come “from a deeply conservative, celebrity-driven narrative shaped by gendered, racism and nationalism marking boundaries around ‘acceptable’ forms of femininity.”

Feminism is a big topic for Meghan, who used to speak out on the topic frequently before joining the ranks of the British royals. So it would seem fitting that an expert in feminism would take the duchess’s side.

Moreover, the discussion of racism in context of Meghan and the British media coverage is also becoming a much talked-about topic. This is in some part thanks to Markle’s celebrity friends speaking out about it, including Oprah and Priyanka Chopra.

And for now, it seems unlikely that Piers will ever stop talking negatively about Meghan. And it seems even more unlikely that Markle would ever extend an invitation to meet with the TV personality, although he’s hinted before that he’d like to speak to her on TV.

Also notable, is that in the past, Morgan interviewed Meghan’s dad, Thomas. But it’s been a while since then, and it doesn’t appear that Thomas is speaking as freely to the press as he used to. Fans can only hope that the father is hoping to show that he can be trusted, so that he can have a decent relationship with Meghan.

Whatever the root cause is of Piers’ constant bashing of Meghan, it doesn’t seem like her fans have much patience left. It does seem clear, however, that Meghan’s meeting with Morgan came at an unfortunate time. Perhaps if the duchess had never met Piers for a drink on the night she met Harry, he wouldn’t be so sour about her.

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