'Dark' Season 3: Filming Commences And Fans Predict The Premiere Date

Spoiler alert: This article contains information about Netflix's Dark. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet watched all current episodes and wish to avoid spoilers.

Even though Season 2 of Netflix's surprise German drama series, Dark, has only just dropped, fans can already look forward to details pertaining to Season 3.

Season 2 of Dark was made available last Friday. Fans have already binged on the new episodes and are trying to analyze everything that happened. Set over multiple timelines and involving characters that appear at different ages, the series can be confusing at times. However, fans of Stranger Things -- another sci-fi series set in the 1980s and a huge hit for Netflix -- find it is exactly what they are looking for to fill the void until Season 3 airs in July.

At the end of Season 1 of Dark, viewers were introduced to another timeline, this time in the future, and Season 2 delved into this new era, as well as one set in the 1920s. Season 2 ended quite dramatically with the announcement by Martha Nielsen (Lisa Vicari) that there were alternative worlds for viewers to look forward to in Season 3.

Characters, as seen in Season 2 of Netflix's 'Dark'

Fans will now have to wait until the next season of Dark to find out more. There's no news as to when Season 3 will drop, but many fans are predicting a date of June 27, 2020. This is because this particular date is significant in the TV series, as it marks the beginning of the apocalypse seen in Season 2. In fact, as one Reddit user has pointed out, TV Time has already listed this date as the premiere for the first episode of Season 3. However, this date has not yet been officially confirmed.

While a premiere date has not been released yet, it has been officially confirmed that production has already begun on Season 3, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Dark's co-creators and showrunners, Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, spoke out about Season 3, admitting that it will be hard to let go of the characters when filming ends.

"We will offer answers to the questions that our viewers have been asking and help untangle the story through time. It will be hard for us to walk away from those characters we have really grown fond of, but the beginning is the end, and the end is the beginning."
Baran bo Odar also posted an image to Instagram to announce the beginning of filming.Filming is expected to take place in and around Berlin, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The premiere date for Season 3 of Dark has not yet been confirmed. Currently, the first two seasons are streaming globally on Netflix.