Jennifer Aniston Has A Crush On Steve Carell

Jennifer Aniston may be 50-years-old now but she looks just as a good as ever and is often praised for her glowing skin and youthful appearance. After having split from Justin Theroux in 2017 after two years of marriage, Aniston has made it clear that she’s perfectly happy being single. But just because she doesn’t have any interest in having a partner right now doesn’t mean that she doesn’t admire men once in awhile. She revealed who her current crush is on Friday when she stopped by The Talk for a chat, according to Fox News, and it’s pretty surprising.

The former Friends star came onto the show to discuss her new Netflix movie and and provide details about her upcoming series that will stream on Apple TV. However, the chat took a more personal turn when Aniston told the ladies that she has a huge crush on Steve Carell from The Office. Most of the nation probably looks at Carell and sees Michael Scott, the eccentric Regional Manager at Dunder Mifflin paper company. When Aniston looks at Carell, she see’s an attractive silver fox she’s very excited to be working with.

“He’s like a silver fox now. And he just came in and no one expected, you know… everybody was so cute, and he’s so shy and fantastic. He’s just better with age, it’s amazing.”

Carell and Aniston are currently working on a new series called The Morning Show which will stream on Apple TV. This will be Aniston’s much anticipated return to television after a lengthy break. Reese Witherspoon is also among the cast members. The show will take a look at the dynamic between the men and women who work on popular morning news shows.

Carell jokingly described what everyone can expect from his character.

“He is bold and dynamic. He has a lot of gravitas. He is a great listener. He is also relatable and extremely handsome. His colleagues love him, and America loves him.”

While the stars didn’t explicitly state the inspiration for the series, the content of the show is certainly a topic that has popped up a lot in recent years. Former Today Show host Matt Lauer was infamously fired from the show in 2017 after alleged sexual misconduct in the work place. The scandal shocked the nation as Lauer previously had the squeaky clean image of being America’s favorite newscaster.

Actors Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Billy Crudup will also star on the show.

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