Nicole Kidman Is Accused Of Being Bald In Latest Bizarre Conspiracy Theory Due To Wearing Wigs In Her Films

As Nicole Kidman’s fans are well aware, the Golden Globe-winning actress is known for donning wigs in Hollywood movies. In an episode of the podcast What’s The Tee, hosts RuPaul and Michelle Visage sparked a conspiracy theory that the 51-year-old has a habit of wearing wigs in her movies because she is actually bald, reported The Daily Mail.

The drag queen and creator of the show RuPaul’s Drag Race commented in the episode, “absolutely nobody does wigs like Nicole,” which catapulted the two into a conversation about why Kidman is so keen on wearing wigs.

Visage shared a story from her recent trip to Australia in which she happened upon a billboard featuring the Aquaman actress selling a hair pill. The anecdote sent her into a frenzy, ending with her exclaiming about how ironic it is to see Kidman promoting a hair growth supplement.

Kidman is an ambassador for supplement brand Swisse.

RuPaul took over to explain to listeners who may not have understood Visage’s joke that the irony of the advertisement is that Kidman rarely displays her actual hair to the world. After Visage chimed in again — speculating that the actress must be bald — RuPaul denied the accusation, explaining further that Kidman just isn’t fond of her natural hair.

“She’s not bald! She’s just got curly hair that ends up being very brittle.”

For those who may not remember what the Eyes Wide Shut actress’ natural hair looks like, she displayed her naturally curly hair in her first film, BMX Bandits, in 1983. However, following the early days of her career, the actress began opting almost exclusively for wearing a wig in the rest of her films.

In the past, interviewers and talk show hosts have approached the subject of wigs with the actress, only to be surprisingly dodged or shut down, which has added to the mystery surrounding the mom-of-four’s choice to wear wigs.

A journalist at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2018 asked the actress about her wigs, only for Kidman to avoid engaging in conversation about it. A similar experience occurred earlier this year when she hung up after being asked about her wigs on The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

Also occurring earlier this year in February, rumors suggested that the Moulin Rouge! star was losing her hair after an unidentified source revealed to The Globe that the actress was freaking out about her hair falling out in chunks. However, Gossip Cop shut down the rumors after being unable to confirm them.

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