‘Westworld’ Season 3 Leak Indicates That War World Could Be Coming

While there is no release date yet for HBO’s robot series, Westworld, there appears to be some news regarding a potential new world at play in Season 3: War World.

There is scant news on how Season 3 of Westworld will play out other than what was recently shown in the latest trailer for the hit sci-fi series. A new character, played by Aaron Paul, is introduced in this trailer as well as the exciting prospect of the storyline finally taking place outside of the Westworld theme park which features heavily in Seasons 1 and 2.

However, one fan has noticed something on one of the official Westworld websites that have led to the discovery of a potential new park that could be in play in Season 3. This fan immediately took to Reddit to reveal the information.

According to the Redditor, a third Westworld website has been discovered. Previously, discoverwestworld.com and discovershogunworld.com were the only two official websites for the hit HBO show. Both websites were put up quietly and ultimately discovered by fans desperate to find any new information about the TV series.

Now, a third website has been found and its title alone gives a hint at what sort of park will likely appear in Season 3 of Westworld. Titled discoverwarworld.com, this new website is also owned by the same company that owns the other two Westworld sites.

As yet, discoverwarworld.com is only a registered domain name and has not yet been updated to include information about Season 3 of Westworld, which has led to speculation that it might not even be associated with the upcoming season.

While it is unclear how this website and the War World park it hints at will relate to Season 3 of Westworld, the original poster also points out that there have allegedly been previously leaked images that show what appear to be “a World War II-era shoot in Spain,” leading to further speculation that it is tied into Season 3.

War as a section of the original Westworld park has already been explored in Season 1 when Logan (Ben Barnes) spoke of the war section of the park as being the hardest place to get to and one had to travel much further into the Westworld game in order to reach it.

He placed the location of the war section of Westworld at on the outer edges of that particular theme park. So, it does seem somewhat plausible that the possibility of a theme park dedicated entirely to war could exist. Inverse also points out that the idea of war games and, in particular, killing Nazis might certainly appeal to a certain demographic.

However, as yet, it seems that fans of Westworld will just have to wait until Season 3 arrives to find out more about the potential of War World.


Season 3 of Westworld will premiere on HBO in 2020. While a 2020 confirmation has been made, no official release date has been made beyond the year announcement.

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