‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Demi Burnett’s Back To Help Hannah Brown As The Episode 3 Dates Get Intense

The Bachelorette spoilers tease that Hannah Brown will get another round of help from one of her Bachelor besties during Episode 3, airing on Monday, May 27. Demi Burnett is back, and she’s apparently hoping to help her friend sort through her remaining bachelors — looking to eliminate any others who may have bad intentions.

The episode synopsis from ABC teases the details. As The Inquisitr has noted, there is a fair amount of drama on the way with Monday’s episode. Hannah will have two group dates and one individual date, and The Bachelorette spoilers have teased that two men will be eliminated outside of rose ceremonies.

How does Demi impact what goes down during Episode 3? Viewers will have to tune in to see specifics, but the network hints that Burnett will do her best to keep an eye on what the men reveal when Brown isn’t there to hear it herself.

It looks like this return by Burnett has a movie-related tie-in of sorts. Will Demi’s spying uncover anything major that impacts Hannah’s next eliminations?

ABC teases that the guys will have to pass a test of sorts to win Demi’s approval, but not much else is known about when she pops up — or how much of a role she will play in what comes next.

The network may not have detailed as much, but it seems likely that Demi may be keeping an eye on Hannah’s bachelors during the upcoming tailgate party. The Bachelorette spoilers have revealed that they will do a tailgate party rather than a cocktail party — an ode to Brown’s Alabama roots and “Roll Tide” passion.

If Demi is given an opportunity to listen in on the conversations the guys have while tailgating, she may well learn some juicy tidbits of information. The Bachelorette spoilers shared by The Inquisitr have already noted that Cam Ayala will crash and burn due to something he says to the other guys, and it will be interesting to see if Burnett plays a role in this implosion at all.

Demi seems likely to be a cast member on Bachelor in Paradise this summer, although the Season 6 crew of contestants has not been formalized yet. She may have a bit of a leg up on the other ladies filming this summer in Mexico, though, since she’s now on her second round of checking out Hannah’s guys before they get eliminated.

Will Demi Burnett uncover any juicy scoop for Hannah Brown during Episode 3 of ABC’s The Bachelorette 2019 season? Spoilers tease that this will be a fun one, and fans can’t wait to check it out.

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