Sarah Palin Confronts Instagram Critic Who Slammed Daughter Bristol For Pushing Weight Loss Tea

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is again defending one of her children online after someone on Instagram accused former Teen Mom star Bristol Palin of using Photoshop to make herself to appear thinner while promoting detox teas.

The Daily Mail says that Sarah Palin clapped back at her daughter’s critics after Bristol posed in a jog bra and leggings, extolling the virtues of Teami weight loss teas. Both Palin women represent the weight loss products, and Bristol Palin credits the teas with helping her lose the baby weight after the birth of her third child, Atlee Bay.

Bristol Palin is often featured in sponsored photos on her Instagram page with her Teami tumbler, showing off her weight loss, but some aren’t buying it.

One fan wrote that she doubts that Palin lost the weight using the detox tea.

“I just think it’s sad when people promote these products. 1) I’m sure she works hard to look this great and 2) they are a complete waste of money and 100% ineffective,” they said.

She went on to say that Palin had also used photo editing software to make herself look thinner on top of having a few nips and tucks along the way, misleading fans.

The account, bossyaussie83 said that some of the weight loss teas are just laxatives, which aren’t positive for health and hydration. But then Sarah Palin using her registered Instagram account jumped into the fray to defend Bristol.

“Haha silly bossyaussie83… have you ever seen Bristol in person? GORGEOUS! To falsely accuse… stating the pic is photoshopped… quite silly really. Curious why you follow Bristol and spend your time commenting on her?” the elder Palin said.

The Good Place actor Jameela Jamil has been an outspoken critic of the teas, sold by the Kardashians and Cardi B. Last year Sarah Palin shared her first Teami post and was ridiculed by some who thought this was a strange way for a national politician to earn a living.

CNN revealed that the former Alaska governor is now an Instagram influencer, offering her followers a 15 percent discount off the Teami detox teas which she says help her keep up with her busy life as a hockey mom and keeping up with son Trig.

“It’s easy to take the tea everywhere after filling up my tumbler in the morning. So easy! No need to add sugar because it’s so good???? You can use code PALIN for 15% off your order!” she posted.