The CW Is Not Renewing Its Deal With Netflix And Will Shop Shows Around

For those who love watching some of their favorite comic book TV shows and other dramas from The CW on Netflix, you won’t be doing that for much longer. The deal between the two companies is set to expire this spring and it is not going to be renewed for any future seasons. The CW is going to end up shopping around shows individually which means you may not be able to find all your network favorites in one location.

Back in 2011, CBS and Warner Bros came to a deal with Netflix that was extremely lucrative and very beneficial for all involved. Deadline reports that the deal brought about a $1 billion windfall which honestly may have done a lot to save The CW from faltering and fading out before it ever really got started.

A renewal was agreed upon back in 2016, but it is only set to run through spring of 2019 and it is reportedly not going to be renewed.

Now, this isn’t all bad news for CW fans who have Netflix and catch up on past seasons or new episodes once they’re added. New seasons of some CW shows could end up on Netflix, but they won’t land there automatically as they have over the last almost-decade. Netflix is going to have to bid on them once they’re available, and if they’re outbid, they won’t get them.

Three new series on The CW are already being shopped around for different individual streaming deals and won’t just go to Netflix. Nancy Drew, Katy Keene, and Batwoman are going to be introduced later this year. As reported by The Inquisitr, the DC Comics character of Batwoman is a stand-alone show which is going to be added to the Arrowverse, which is actually losing Arrow after just one more season.

Past seasons of different CW series such as Riverdale and The Flash will continue to air on Netflix as long as the series are on the air. That deal is for the seasons through the current 2018-19 seasons and could be on Netflix for a very long time.

While some may not see this as a big deal, it is actually much bigger than one would think. The Walt Disney Company has already announced that they have ended the majority of their partnership with Netflix due to starting Disney +, their own streaming service, later this year.

Beginning with Captain Marvel, all new Disney movies are going to debut on Disney+ and won’t go to Netflix at all. That means Avengers: Endgame and its multi-billion box office haul will be on Disney’s own service as well.

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