Demi Burnett Teases She Was Scoping Out Hannah Brown’s ‘Bachelorette’ Suitors For Herself

During The Bachelorette premiere of Hannah Brown’s season — which is slated to air on Monday, May 13 — Brown will get a little help from a couple of her Bachelor besties from Colton Underwood’s season. Demi Burnett and Katie Morton will be keeping an eye on the guys during the initial cocktail party, and now Demi is joking that she may have had a bit of an ulterior motive for offering her assistance.

Burnett talked with ET Online about the experience. Viewers will remember Demi as a fairly outspoken and outrageous contestant on Colton’s Bachelor season, and she became quite close with Hannah during filming. Many fans are expecting Demi to end up on Bachelor in Paradise this summer, and it sounds as if she took full advantage of this opportunity to scope out the future BiP contestants.

Demi explains that she and Katie were listening in on conversations during the rose ceremony, hidden away in a surveillance van near the mansion. Burnett says that their priority was to ensure all of the guys were there for the right reasons.

Recent Bachelorette spoilers hint that this help from her besties may be what drives Brown to pull contestant Scott Anderson away the first night, confronting him about a girlfriend, as The Inquisitr previously detailed.

While Katie and Demi ranked looking out for Hannah as their top priority, Burnett was smart enough to think ahead, as well.

“I mean, if I do go to [Bachelor in Paradise], like, I definitely was scoping them out, and I was like, ‘Hannah, save that one for me!'”

Burnett also went on to tease that they’re renaming the summer spinoff show Demi-dise if she participates, and she says she’ll “run that beach.” The Bachelor contestant has thought out her plan of attack, and while everybody will have to wait a few more weeks to see for certain that she’s enacting said plan, it seems like it’s virtually guaranteed to happen.

What kind of guy does Demi think would suit Hannah well? Burnett says that the man for Brown would be someone with a strong presence, one who is religious and who isn’t easily scared. She admits that she and Katie were a little snarky and critical during that initial night — but protective as well — as they surveilled these potential suitors.

Chances are good that quite a few of Hannah Brown’s Bachelorette castoffs will end up on Bachelor in Paradise this summer. Will this surveillance prank end up giving Demi Burnett a leg-up on snagging the perfect guy, if she lands in front of reality television cameras this summer? Will Hannah find her dream guy during her season? Fans will definitely get answers on both fronts over the course of the next few months.

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