Elton John On Watching Taron Egerton In ‘Rocketman’: ‘I Thought It Was Me’

Superstar Elton John had nothing but good things to say when he watched actor Taron Egerton portray him in the new biopic Rocketman, which chronicles John’s breakout years as a performer.

The Grammy-winning singer made an unannounced visit to the production set of the movie in London last October, where he was “amazed,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Producer Matthew Vaughn, who was also at the set, said John loved what he saw.

“Sitting next to Elton, watching Taron, and Elton squeezing me rather hard with his very powerful hands, saying, ‘My God, this is as good as Grease!’ — that was amazing,” Vaughn told The Hollywood Reporter.

“That made me smile,” he added.

“I didn’t think it was Taron. I thought it was me. That’s the highest compliment I can tell you,” John told The Hollywood Reporter in an email.

As for Egerton, he was naturally nervous when John stopped by to see how things were going.

“There’s really nothing more intimidating than performing in front of Elton,” he said.

“I don’t think I could have done it if he was around a lot. But I think he knew that. He’s very astute in that way,” he added.

John may not have stopped by the set every day, but he reportedly watched scenes that were shot for the film on a daily basis.

Impressing John is something Egerton can certainly be proud of. He can also be proud of the fact that he sang all of the vocals in the movie — but that is the way John wanted it, Variety reported.

“I left Taron in the hands of Giles Martin, who I trusted implicitly because he’s brilliant. I didn’t want to be in Taron’s shadows, watching over the process, I trusted them to do what they needed to do, artistically, and listening back I’ve been astonished with the results,” John said, according to Variety.

John’s voice only appears on one of the songs on the soundtrack — a duet with Egerton, titled “(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again.” The song, which John co-wrote with Bernie Taupin specifically for the movie, will most likely play during the movie’s finishing credits, Variety reported. The film’s soundtrack will be available May 24.

Egerton admitted that he was anxious for the film’s debut at Cannes on May 16, where, according to rumors, he might even be performing with John. The movie is scheduled to arrive in theaters on May 31.