Rainn Wilson Quizzes Billie Eilish On ‘The Office Trivia’

The hit show The Office is one of the most popular American sitcoms of all time. Those that truly appreciate the comedic show have likely seen it all the way through more than once, or in the case of musical artist Billie Eilish, 12 times. In a recent video feature for Billboard, Eilish has a chance to show just how much she loves the show. Actor Rainn Wilson, who played Dwight Schrute on the show, stopped by the real home of the teenage music sensation to find out just how much she knows about the series, according to Rolling Stone.

Eilish was beyond ecstatic to see Wilson standing in her doorway. She gushed about how much she loved watching the show, stating that she watches it on her phone first thing in the morning. She went on to explain in perhaps a little too much detail that she also watches it while she brushes her teeth, takes a bath, and even when she goes to the bathroom. Eilish showed Wilson her bedroom, where the sign from The Office that appears in the opening credits is nailed to the door.

Wilson explained that he’d be asking her some trivia questions from the show, including well-known quotes from the characters.

Eilish noted that she was under pressure to show off her knowledge, given that she was standing before one of the stars of the show.

“Listen, I never get nervous and I’m nervous now,” she laughed, turning away from Wilson in hopes of concentrating better.

With a few hints here and there, Eilish certainly held her own, getting the majority of the questions correct. Her knowledge was pretty impressive to Wilson, considering the show went off air six years ago when now 17-year-old Eilish was only 11, according to GQ. Wilson didn’t make it easy on her though, making fun of her name by calling her “William Eyelash” in an attempt to break her focus.

Office fans right now are groaning with disgust at you,” he told her when she took a bit too long to think of the correct response.

Wilson even took the time to ask her about some of her most popular hits.

“Before we move onto the quotes, I have to ask. Which song did you write for Dwight: ‘Ocean Eyes’ or ‘Bad Boy’?”

Eilish responded without missing a beat.

“Ocean Eyes,” she told him with a laugh, to which he responded, “Correct.”

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