Modern Warfare 2 is culturally sensitive

A Karachi-based gamer has revealed that a new Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer map set in his home city is covered with a language that is never used in Pakistan.

Saad points out that English and Urdu are the main two languages in Pakistan, yet the new level is smothered in slogans, shop signs, and scenery with Arabic. Whoops. In an email to Kotaku, Saad noted:

“[Developer] Infinity Ward probably thought, ‘Oh hey its a Muslim country so Arabic is the language.'”

He adds that, although Arabic and Urdu use a similar script, words are formed in completely different ways.

While Infinity Ward surely meant no harm by this, it is extremely sloppy research – especially as a three-second visit to Wikipedia solves the issue. I don’t blame Saad or anyone else who’s miffed at this. It’s culturally insensitive, not to mention disappointing: a bit like your favourite blog suddenly deciding to erscheinen Sie in einer verschiedenen Sprache.

[Via Kotaku]

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