Doctor Suggests Meghan Markle Could Have A C-Section Because Of Her Age

Ian VoglerGetty Images

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, might end up needing a Caesarean section because she is older — at least that is what one doctor thinks.

The Sun reported that Dr. Carol Cooper told Fabulous Digital that, since Markle is a geriatric mother — meaning she is pregnant and over the age of 35 — she is more likely to require a C-section. Cooper said that, given the mother’s age, there is a chance for a longer labor. Therefor, more bleeding is possible, and this increases the the risk of the baby becoming stressed.

Cooper also said that there would be no reason to think that Markle, 37, should have more complications in giving birth than a younger woman. However, the doctor added that there are always higher risks for women over 35 who do undergo a pregnancy.

“[Risks] like higher blood pressure, preeclampsia, diabetes of pregnancy called gestation diabetes, she is more likely to have a premature baby and has a slightly higher risk of a still birth,” the doctor said, per The Sun.

“There are also possible chromosome conditions that she is more likely to get,” Cooper added.

Cooper also said that doctors are generally cautious about letting women over 35 go past their due dates, adding that they will often suggest inducing the birth in situations when this occurs.

“The placenta doesn’t work as well after the due date, therefore the baby is at risk of not thriving,” Cooper explained.

In March, The Sun reported that a source said the duchess was worried about having to undergo the procedure. Markle was also reportedly stressed about having to look “immaculate on the hospital steps just hours later,” the source said — adding that, like any first-time mother, she was simply worried about the birth in general.

Entertainment Tonight reported earlier in the month that Markle was considering giving birth at Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey, which is near the royal couple’s home at Frogmore Cottage.

ET also reported that the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in London — where Kate Middleton and Princess Diana delivered all of their children — is another possible venue for the royal baby’s birth.

An entirely natural birth remains a distinct possibility. Vanity Fair reported that friends of the couple said that Markle was learning how to hypno-birth, adding that she wanted a natural birth, if possible. The source said that Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, is holistic and natural, so it is not surprising that the duchess would want to go the natural route.