Erica Mena Claims She Doesn’t Know Nicki Minaj’s Songs, Fans Dig Out Her Old Tweets Praising The Rapper

Nicki Minaj’s fans are taking it upon themselves to jog Erica Mena’s memory after her recent comments.

The Love and Hip Hop star appeared on a radio show on Thursday with her fiance Safaree. While the pair were there to discuss their relationship and recent projects, the conversation quickly turned to Safaree’s ex Nicki Minaj. According to HotNewHipHop, Mena was asked by Hot 97’s host Nessa if she listens to Minaj’s music. Mena stated that she grew up during the era of Minaj’s known rival Lil Kim, and felt that Minaj was “biting” Lil Kim’s image when the “Good Form” rapper stepped onto the music scene back in 2008. Mena then went on to say during the interview that while she appreciates the work Minaj puts into her craft, her music doesn’t resonate with the reality star.

“It was always just cartoon-y and stuff,” Mena said about the rapper’s music. “She’s great at what she does, but me personally…if it’s in the club and you’re nice. But I would never…I don’t know the words.”

Almost instantly, Minaj’s fans, whom she affectionately refers to as “the Barbz,” took notice to Mena’s comments and instantly began reposting old tweets of the model praising the “Anaconda” rapper. In one tweet from 2012, Mena is referencing the Lil Kim and Minaj beef by calling Kim “angry” and tweeting to Minaj that the two should “get her.” In another, Mena is quoting the lyrics to “I’m the Best” from the rapper’s debut album, Pink Friday, per HotNewHipHop.

The VH1 star responded to the reposts on her own personal Twitter page. In the tweet, Mena thanked the “Barbz” for the “free promo,” as she is seemingly unaffected by the recent attention.

“You know I get a kick out of keeping these zoo animals busy,” Mena tweeted. “You can’t pay for this much promo and attention.”

Mena and Safaree began dating in 2018 after meeting on VH1’s Scared Famous. Safaree and Minaj were together for more than a decade before deciding to split in 2015. Mena was previously engaged to rapper Bow Wow and also dated fellow Love and Hip Hop star Cyn Santana. TMZ previously shared that Safaree proposed to Mena last Christmas Eve at her home. The music producer reportedly surprised his fiancee with 20,000 rose petals and 200 candles before asking her to be his wife. When Mena accepted, Safaree reportedly gifted her with a $175,000 engagement ring followed by a firework show outside of the house.

The couple reportedly now has a joint Instagram account and a web series on YouTube titled She’s Crazy, I’m Not.

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