Ivanka Trump Says She Has 'No Cause To Be Concerned' About Mueller's Final Report

Ivanka Trump, the oldest daughter of the president, is parroting her father's words by saying there is "no collusion, no obstruction," and nothing to see here, as she has "no cause to be concerned" about the Mueller report, which will be shared tomorrow in a redacted format.

Talking Points Memo reports that Ivanka Trump believes that nothing has changed, and she's not worried at all that the Mueller report will be shared with Congress and the public tomorrow after Attorney General William Barr holds a news conference at 9:30 a.m.

Trump gave an interview to say that on the eve of the report being released, that she has never been worried about anything that the special counsel would find through interviews of the president's associates and family members.

"My opinion of the investigation hasn't changed. I never expressed concern. I never talked about the investigation except when asked. And I was fortunate to have knowledge of the fact that I knew that there was no collusion."
Ivanka Trump, who works as an adviser to her father, repeated that she has never been concerned about what Robert Mueller would turn up in reference to herself because she had no knowledge of anything that happened during the campaign.
CBS News is reporting that without being asked, Trump also said that neither she nor her husband, Jared Kushner had any knowledge of her father's involvement in securing the couple clearances while they volunteer in the White House.
"I have no evidence to the contrary."
Ivanka Trump confirmed that her father did offer her the position of World Bank chief but she said no thanks because she enjoys the work she is doing in the West Wing of the White House. When asked if she has been any other top jobs, she demurred. She said she'd rather "keep that between them."

Trump is currently in Africa and was photographed flying via a commercial airline after it was revealed that she has asked in the past to fly on a government airplane. Last month, author Vicky Ward shared portions of her new book, Kushner, Inc.: Greed. Ambition. Corruption. The Extraordinary Story of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, in which it was alleged that the couple "scammed" their way onto private planes arranging to have a cabinet member fly with them after the Secretary of State told them no. Ward says that Trump convinced Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to help them out rather than flying commercial, and he obliged.