Meghan Markle’s Baby Photos Were Just Released By Her Uncle

Jon BondGetty Images

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle prepare to create a new baby album of their upcoming arrival, an old one is being made public. Meghan Markle’s uncle, Joseph Johnson, recently released previously unseen baby photos of the duchess to The Daily Mail.

Johnson, who is Doria Ragland’s half-brother, lives in Fresno, California. He does not keep in touch with Meghan, nor was he invited to her wedding. However, he hopes that “they might get back together,” and has only good things to say about his famous niece.

Picture number one is the first picture ever taken of the future royal. Dressed in a little mint-green smock, the newborn is perched on mother Doria’s lap in a Los Angeles hospital. Doria wears a sweet and simple floral dress; the room sports a pretty flower arrangement.

The second photo is a close up of baby Meghan as she lies down on a blanket. Her onesie reads “Life Begins” and has a picture of a stork underneath.

A third captures Meghan’s first steps, in front of their old car with mother Doria behind to support her.

Thirty pictures have been released in total, including photos of Meghan with her maternal grandmother, Jeanette. Jeanette was described as a “significant influence” on Meghan, as she often cared for the youngster when Doria was at work.

In addition to releasing pictures, Mr. Johnson also agreed to an interview with the tabloid. In the interview, he says that he does not believe the stories of Meghan being a “difficult” duchess.

“Meghan is a really wonderful person… What you hear in the Press — I don’t even recognize that person.”

However, Johnson admitted the Meghan enjoys the spotlight afforded to her as a royal.

“She likes that attention, she’s had the schooling, and then being in Hollywood, which is a good type of preparation, so she can handle that. I have read that some of Harry’s old girlfriends couldn’t handle all the scrutiny. But from what I hear, from what Doria says about Meghan, she loves it.”

He also said that he believes Meghan is secretly hoping for a baby girl, as he believes she would be “more comfortable” with a girl. The duchess may be getting her wish, as bet-makers are placing the odds on a girl, as The Inquisitr reported.

Meghan and Prince Harry are currently preparing for the imminent birth of their first child, who is due later this month. It has been reported that Doria is in England and will help Meghan adjust to motherhood.

Johnson is happy that his half-sister will be there to help his niece.

“I think she’ll be a great grandmother, if she helps raise that child anything like Meghan was raised.”