‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Scheana Shay Offers An Update On Her Relationship With Adam Spott

Are Scheana Shay and Adam Spott finally involved in a committed relationship?

Following nearly a year of romance rumors, the Vanderpump Rules star spoke to the hosts of E!’s The Daily Pop about where she and Spott stand today.

“We are not a couple, no,” Shay confirmed this week. “If we were a Facebook status, ‘It’s complicated.'”

During Monday night’s new episode of Vanderpump Rules Season 7, Shay was seen getting upset with Spott after sending him a sexy photo from Mexico and getting no response. As fans saw, Spott skipped out on the cast trip as Shay enjoyed her time with the majority of the other members of the cast.

Although Shay is currently single, she’s still in process of planning for a future family and says she’s going through a second round of egg retrieval this summer. She’s also revealed that she is open to having two children if she finds the right guy to settle down with.

“If I am happily married or in a relationship again and the guy wants to take on the bigger role, I would like two, but I’m also fine doing me and traveling the world and that’s where I’m at right now. Kids aren’t something that I absolutely need in my life but I want to have the option in case I do meet the right guy and he wants kids,” she explained.


Shay and Spott have been seen alongside one another on Vanderpump Rules and frequently share photos together on social media. They’ve also admitted to sleeping together, but continue to insist that they are not at all in an exclusive relationship. That said, Spott didn’t seem to happy to hear that Shay had slept with someone else during the mid-season trailer.

Prior to her physical relationship with Spott, Shay was involved in a months-long relationship with Robert Parks-Valletta, who fans saw her dating during the show’s sixth season. As viewers will recall, Shay was extremely serious about her romance with Parks-Valletta, even after it ended, and told the cameras during a cast confessional last year that she looked forward to having kids with the actor.

Before her romance with Parks-Valletta, Shay was married to ex-husband Mike Shay for four years. The couple got married during the third season of the show and called it quits at the end of Season 5.

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