New Viral Video Has Twitter Thinking That Donald Trump Really Doesn’t Know How To Close An Umbrella

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

One viral video of Donald Trump struggling to close an umbrella was a joke, but two seems to be a trend.

The anti-Trump corners of the internet were buzzing on Friday after a viral video showed the president walking the long staircase to board Air Force One while holding an umbrella, then simply ditching it at the end rather than closing it. The video comes a few months after another viral incident in which Trump left it blowing in the wind at the top of the steps leading to Air Force One rather than closing it. As The Inquisitr reported at the time, critics thought that either Trump was too lazy to do it himself or not accustomed to that level of manual labor from his billionaire lifestyle.

The new video seems to offer more proof that Donald Trump doesn’t know how to close an umbrella. Taken before Trump embarked on at trip to a Republican fundraiser in Beverly Hills — with a quick trip to the U.S. border thrown in as well — the video showed Trump holding the oversized black umbrella before pausing to wave to supporters, then handing it off to someone just inside the door of the airplane. Trump got on the plane without making any attempt to close the umbrella himself.

Once again, critics had a field day with the video.

“He’s so lazy he doesn’t even close his umbrella. He just hands it off while the umbrella’s still open, to someone inside the plane. Doesn’t even take it through the door,” wrote Scott Dworkin, an MSNBC contributor and Democratic strategist, as he posted the video on Twitter.

Some saw Friday’s attempt as an improvement over last year, as Trump at least handed the umbrella off to someone else rather than allow it to blow around in the wind as he did last year.

Donald Trump actually had quite a contentious week when it came to wind. Just a few days before the umbrella incident, Trump said in remarks to Republicans that he believed the noise from wind turbines causes cancer. The claim drew widespread ridicule and even a fact check from the New York Times (the short version — no, wind turbines definitely don’t cause cancer), as well as some condemnation from Trump’s own party. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, who has long been a proponent of developing wind energy, called Trump’s remarks “idiotic” and said America should be continuing to make investments into wind energy rather than demonizing the form of alternative energy.