Ronda Rousey Could Be Leaving WWE And Addresses Rumors In A New Video

Since the start of the year, rumors have been swirling about Ronda Rousey’s plans to leave WWE at some point in the near future. Rousey posted a recent video on her YouTube channel hinting about her WWE retirement to become a jazz player. While it appears the video is an April Fool’s joke, many feel that Rousey still does plan to retire from the WWE.

Back in January, Sports Illustrated suggested that the WWE star’s time could be up by April, right after Rousey finishes performing in the next WrestleMania.

“There is a very good chance that Ronda Rousey will be finishing up with WWE at WrestleMania,” wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer wrote, according to Sports Illustrated.

“There was a decent amount of talk this past week internally, since we heard it from several people, that Rousey would finish up at WrestleMania. That may not be decided as that aspect is just the feeling people had since it’s the logical ending everyone came to based on the situation. As of today, this was the plan.”

Currently, Rousey is heading into WrestleMania 35 as the RAW Women’s Champion. However, even with her status as a champion, many are suggesting that this could be the last time the public witnesses her in a wrestling match. Since the rumors about her status with WWE started back in January, the gossip about Rousey possibly leaving the wrestling world has only heated up.

However, Rousey’s recent actions seemed to reference the gossip that has been following her for months. On her YouTube channel, the wrestling star and her husband, Travis Browne, publicized Ronda’s supposed final decision. In the YouTube video, Rousey “confirmed” the rumors about her plans to leave WWE and said they were true. Browne also dished about her planned career path once she leaves the WWE. The UFC heavyweight fighter said that he absolutely adores and loves Rousey, and they are looking forward to spending time together, then added that Rousey’s next goal is to become a well-known jazz player, according to Ringside News.

On the other hand, others feel that Rousey may simply be taking a break and is likely to return to wrestling soon. According to Sports Illustrated, Rousey has been planning to take some time off since she has been considering starting a family. In fact, she reportedly told the WWE during last year’s Survivor Series that she wanted to take a break once the next WrestleMania wrapped up.

Back in November, Rousey admitted that her stress level was getting high.

“Sometimes I feel like I can’t do it all. I have to pick one thing. I can’t wrestle forever because I feel like I’m failing my family,” Rousey said on her YouTube channel, according to Sports Illustrated. “It’s rough.”

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