‘I Am Jazz’ Renewed: Jennings Reveals Season 6 On The Way To TLC

Viewers recently watched the Season 5 finale of I Am Jazz on TLC and got to see that Jazz Jennings is doing great after her gender reassignment surgery. The network tends to leave fans hanging when it comes to show renewals, but the star of the show couldn’t resist sharing the good news herself. Season 6 is on the way and viewers have a lot to look forward to with these upcoming episodes.

Jennings posted a photo on Instagram over the weekend and revealed the big news. While she didn’t share a specific return date, she did say that the show would be back for another season.

When will Season 6 of I Am Jazz debut? According to The Wrap, fans will have to wait until 2020 to see the new episodes. The past two seasons debuted right away in January, and it seems likely that will be the case for these upcoming shows as well.

What can viewers expect from Season 6? As of the last time that everybody saw her, Jazz was turning 18 and was contemplating moving out of the Jennings house. She had her first serious boyfriend and went to her first prom. Now, fans will likely see her graduating high school, considering college, and navigating how her relationships shift, now that she’s legally an adult.

One thing that viewers may see during Season 6 is the end of her relationship with her first real boyfriend. Jazz and Ahmir Steward were shown together during some of the most recent episodes of the show and Jennings posted about him on Instagram in mid-February. However, Steward has deleted his Instagram page since then and there seem to be signs hinting that the two are no longer an item.

In addition to graduating high school and potentially dealing with her first relationship split, Season 6 may follow Jazz as she contemplates heading away for college. As The Inquisitr detailed, Jennings has looked at several schools, including heavy-hitters like Harvard and Princeton, and this could open up an entirely new world for the teen and the series.

I Am Jazz has received plenty of support from GLAAD and these most recent episodes have garnered fantastic ratings. TLC President Howard Lee praises Jazz for being an example of embracing one’s real self and living authentically, and he notes that the teen has inspired people across the country.

One thing that is not in doubt about Season 6 of I Am Jazz is that the Jennings family will continue to be open and honest about this journey they are on together. Fans are thrilled to hear that the series will be returning with more new episodes, and additional details should emerge over the coming months.

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