Prince Charles Is Trying To Push Prince Andrew Out Of Royal Family

A new television documentary is quoting official royal biographers as saying that when he becomes king, Prince Charles plans to trim down the royal family, “airbrushing” his brother, Prince Andrew, out of the salaried core of British royals.

Express quoted biographer Ingrid Seward as saying that Prince Charles is hoping to create a more “slimmed down” royal family, and that would start with his complicated relationship with his brother, the Duke of York, and his daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

The plan would be to preserve the queen’s legacy, and have only the monarch’s immediate family funded by the taxpayers. Prince Charles is particularly worried about Prince Andrew’s reputation as “aimless Andy,” along with his connections. Another royal biographer, Penny Junor, says that Prince Charles has been concerned about his brother’s questionable behavior.

“Charles is worried that Andrew’s behavior at times is damaging the family firm.”

Royal watcher Victoria Arbiter says that the future king feels that his brother is embarrassing the family.

“There probably has been occasions where Prince Charles has considered Andrew to be a bit of a liability to the royal family. That image of Prince Andrew being the playboy at large rankles Prince Charles. He finds it embarrassing.”

Prince Charles takes his legacy and his mother’s seriously, and believes that Prince Andrew doesn’t, with stunts like taking the royal helicopter golfing, or associating with people like a convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein.

As allegations continue to swirl around Epstein, his relationship with people like Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew, related to visits on his private island with underage girls continue to make the rounds, and Prince Charles is concerned.

But complicating Prince Charles’ future plan is reportedly the idea that Queen Elizabeth has a favorite child, and it happens to be Prince Andrew, says The Daily Star. Royal author Katie Nicholl says that this is what is truly behind the rivalry between the two princes.

“There is a real tension between Charles and Andrew. Andrew has a very different relationship with his mother and the queen was much more hands on.”

Other royal watchers believe that the queen has a blind spot when it comes to Prince Andrew, who some jokingly call “air miles Andy.”

Prince Andrew and Queen Elizabeth continue to be very close, sharing many of the same hobbies including horseback riding, says The Inquisitr. Even at the age of 92, the queen has been spotted lately riding with Prince Andrew in Sandringham now that Prince Philip can no longer ride due to his hip replacement surgery.

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