Bilingual Science Graduate Believes The Earth Is As Flat As A Pancake

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Like most outlandish conspiracy theories, the idea of the earth being flat has a tendency to appeal to the more marginalized and less creditable members of society.

The popular theory that the earth is flat not only flies in the face of some of the best intellects in history and centuries of accumulated scientific wisdom, it also appears to dispute what common sense and satellite navigation tell us to be true — that the earth, like all heavenly bodies, is spherical in structure.

As such, it’s something of a surprise to find that a young science graduate from London subscribes to the most anti-science theory currently doing the rounds.

The Mirror reports that India-born Safvan is a bilingual science graduate who is a subscriber to the argument that the earth is flatter than a pancake.

Apparently, the 23-year-old was but a mere teenager when he first realized the world wasn’t round like he’d been previously led to believe. The earth-shattering revelation came to him one day when he was studying the properties of water.

Safvan explained the earth cannot be flat because the oceans wouldn’t allow it.

“Water couldn’t curl into a ball like that. Even with gravity, it’s impossible. I have done my research for a very long time,” he said.

Safvan elaborated that if the earth is the size scientists lead us to believe, then there has to be a certain amount of curvature in the globe per mile. He stresses with that much curvature it would be nigh on impossible to see the Chicago skyline from the opposite side of Lake Michigan because it’s simply too far away. Yet on a clear day, he says, it’s clearly visible.

Safvan goes on to explain how Antarctica is not at the bottom of the world but in reality, stretches all the way around the globe, holding the seawater from spilling over the edge with a giant wall of ice. When pressed, however, he said that he’s not sure why no flat-earthers have made the trip to the ice-wall to take pictures as evidence.

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Of course, we can endlessly debate scientific theory until the cows come home, but the billion-dollar question as far as cynics of flat-earthers are concerned is that of why people would lie about such a thing.

Safvan points to that old chestnut — the Illuminati — as the answer to this question. He said it is this mystical secret society who are responsible for keeping us in the dark.

“John F. Kennedy – he used to talk about the Illuminati. And Michael Jackson. In JFK’s last speech he spoke about the ‘people who control the world’.”

Despite facing widespread mockery for his claims, Safvan explained, “The fact we are taught geography with a globe from a young age shouldn’t stop us from realizing the truth.”

“People think it’s crazy you know, most other people mock us,” he continued. “They make us seem like fools or stupid. I don’t care about such things. Normally after two or three conversations, they start to understand. There’s a lot of people getting into flat earth in London.”