Pete Davidson Hands ‘BDE Crown’ To George Clooney And Rihanna In Phallic-Centric Lie Detector Test

Pete Davidson generally doesn’t need Googling. Nor does “BDE.” The self-proclaimed “king” of “big d*ck energy” was already commenting on his manhood during his brief engagement to Ariana Grande. The subject matter has returned.

On March 28, Bustle covered video footage of Pete’s recent Vanity Fair interview. Davidson and Colson Baker (a.k.a. Machine Gun Kelly) are interviewing one another. The subject matter quickly turns to Davidson’s favorite subject – discussing masculinity.

In an unusual confession that sees the SNL star back down from his usually confident state, Davidson admits that other celebrities have more “BDE” than him. This isn’t a casual reveal. Davidson is subject to a lie detector test as photos of both George Clooney and Rihanna are placed before him and Baker (alongside very pertinent questions).

“Do you think I have more BDE than this guy?”

While Baker is the one answering the question here, Davidson chimes in with agreement. As Baker responds with a “Hell nah” to having more “BDE” than Clooney, Davidson is heard saying that Clooney “rocks” and is “too cool.” That’s the first celebrity with more “BDE.”

Next up is Rihanna. Clearly, the celebrities up against Pete aren’t necessarily men.

“What about this woman? Does she have more BDE than me?”

As Baker once again declines to snatch the “BDE” crown from Rihanna, Davidson is likewise agreeing. The “Work” singer joins the E.R. actor in out-doing Davidson on size, energy, and that word in between.

Pete’s confidence is well known. Whether in interviews or on Grande’s social media, this comedian never took the shy route. While appearing briefly troubled following his October 2018 split from the Sweetener singer, Davidson appears to have moved on quickly. He is now dating 45-year-old Kate Beckinsale. Pete is 28-years-old.

Phallic-centric comments from Pete during “the Ariana era” haven’t been forgotten. The above-mentioned report from Bustle quotes social media responses to Pete’s statements, and they don’t hold back.

“Pete davidson is 6’3 with dark circles, exudes big d*ck energy, looks evil but apparently is an angel, and loves his girl publicly the only thing wrong w him is that he’s a scorpio but anyway… married him within a month too.”

The “month” refers to Ariana’s 24 days of dating prior to officially becoming engaged to Davidson in the latter half of 2018.

On October 4, an Instagram update from Grande showed a crib. It was later revealed by Grande that she and Davidson had adopted a pet pig named Piggy Smalls. The crib wasn’t, as fans anticipated, for a baby. It was simply for Smalls.

The relationship may have collapsed and Pete may have moved on, but it seems that this star’s manly confidence has changed its tune.

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