Tyler Henry Gives ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Stars Rasheeda And Kirk Frost Some Validation

On the upcoming episode of Henry’s show, two reality television stars from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta will be paying Henry a visit. Prior to his guests showing up to his show, Henry often doesn’t know who he will be reading and on occasion the celebrity psychic does not recognize his new clients. Tyler Henry achieved fame as a psychic reader, and since his popularity boomed, he has been reading for celebrities. As a celebrity psychic, he is now so successful that he is known as Hollywood’s go-to medium. Many of the celebrities he has completed readings for praise him for helping them with their situations. With so many famous people giving him rave reviews, he would end up landing the show Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry.

Henry’s new clients this week, Kirk and Rasheeda Frost, are a couple that appear on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. The popular reality television show is kicking off a brand new season shortly, meaning the spotlight will be back on Kirk and Rasheeda’s progress once again. As a couple, the pair have been dealing with a lot of pressure on their marriage and struggling with issues like infidelity as well as a love child resulting from the affair. However, Kirk and Rasheeda are still willing to work their issues out, and have decided to stay together through the turmoil. In fact, the couple plans to work as a united front while Henry performs their reading for his show, according to Monsters and Critics.

The topic that is front and center for both Kirk and Rasheeda during their reading is the death of Kirk’s mother, Gloria. During the last season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Gloria passed away. She was 69-years-old, and no autopsy was performed. Her cause of death is still a mystery. So, many fans that follow Kirk and Rasheeda’s show are interested in watching Henry’s upcoming reading with the couple.

“They’re putting some emphasis on the timing of this. It feels like it shouldn’t have happened when it did. It’s like, bam!” Henry says during the reading, according to E! Online. “I just feel like I get blindsided is the way I would describe this.”

Kirk and Rasheeda have some expectations they hope to witness during the reading with Henry, like seeing Kirk’s mom come through. Henry was able to achieve that desire. As the reading progresses, both Kirk and Rasheeda appear impressed with Henry’s responses and knowledge. The couple sought out Henry’s aid because they hoped to get some answers about what happened to Gloria, and Henry is able to provide them with both information and comfort.

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