Autism Community Reacts To Learning Amy Schumer’s Husband Has Autism

Comedian and mother-to-be Amy Schumer threw her fans for a loop during her comedy special Amy Schumer: Growing that dropped on Netflix this week by revealing that her husband, Chris Fischer, has autism.

As The Inquisitr reported a few days ago, Schumer has since elaborated on her decision to reveal her husband’s autism during her special. According to the 37-year-old, she really wanted autism to be viewed in a positive light. She, however, wanted it to be clear that her decision was not because she wanted people to think highly of her for marrying someone with autism.

“I think a lot of people resist getting diagnosed, even some of their children, because of the stigma that comes along with it, but you’re not just diagnosed and they throw you out,” the comedian explained during an episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Making a comedy skit about autism is a very fine line for Schumer to walk as there is no in between on how the autism community will view it. Fortunately for Amy, USA Today reports the big reveal during her comedy special was well-received by the autism community.

Molly Ola Pinney, the founder and CEO of the Global Autism Project, said autism hitting the headlines in any fashion is always great for those on the spectrum.

“[Schumer] saying there are adults with autism who are successful really might get more people to understand,” Molly added.

Pinney, however, did go on to clarify it was important to understand that not everyone on the spectrum has the same success story as Schumer’s husband.

In fact, an old report by The Washington Post revealed that somewhere between 70 and 90 percent of the autism community were unemployed or underemployed just three years ago.

Zoe Gross, the director of operations for the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, praised the comedian for not seeing her husband’s autism as something to be ashamed of.

“It’s really crucial that people are presented with this kind of idea, that autistic people are in loving relationships. You don’t see a lot of people talking about autistic adults in loving, caring relationships.”

Since the comedy special dropped on Netflix and Amy opened up about her decision to reveal her husband’s autism during the episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, Twitter has also lit up with members of the autism community showering the comedian with love, support, and praise.

Some parents of children with autism praised Schumer for giving them hope that their children could one day grow up and find someone who loves them for who they are.

Some individuals with autism also thanked the comedian for shining on a spotlight on how people on the spectrum could find someone to share their life with.

Amy Schumer: Growing is currently available for streaming through Netflix’s content library.

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