‘Bachelor’ Colton Underwood, Cassie Randolph Faking Their Love, ‘Both Love The Spotlight’ Says ‘Life & Style’

The Bachelor stars Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph say that they have found love with one another, and the duo claims they are making plans for the future together. A new report, however, shares details from a supposed insider who says things aren’t quite as rosy between the two as it would appear via their social media pages.

The new print edition of Life & Style shares the scoop. As the IB Times breaks it down, a source for Life & Style says that Colton continues to be much more invested in the relationship with Cassie than she is. However, the insider says, The Bachelor fans shouldn’t necessarily feel too sad for Underwood.

“Colton was in love, but Cassie was not and nothing about that has changed. She says Colton is fun but he’s not the man she’s going to marry.”

Underwood and Randolph have said that they are head over heels in love now, and that they have already been talking about an engagement — as well as about buying a house together in Huntington Beach. Colton has relocated to Los Angeles, which he said was a move that would allow him to be closer to Cassie.

However, things supposedly haven’t been quite as rosy behind the scenes over the past few months. While Colton and Cassie are sharing plenty of lovey-dovey posts via social media — now that they can be public — the Life & Style insider says that they are more driven by financial gain than by love.

“The bottom line is that they both love the spotlight more than each other. They’re definitely faking it for fame. They want paid appearances, endorsement deals and bigger social media followings. That’s all money in the bank.”

Some Bachelor fans question some of the body language between Colton and Cassie, saying it seems a little awkward — while others think the two are adorable and look completely in love. Underwood and Randolph aren’t the first franchise couple to face suspicions and allegations that they may be together to build their personal brands more than to build a romance. If the relationship does go the distance, they also won’t be the first Bachelor pair to prove their doubters wrong.

Are Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph the real deal? Their Bachelor season was filled with wild ups and downs, but it certainly appeared that things ended on a good note.

Fans have been embracing all of Colton and Cassie’s recent social media posts, and are rooting for them — but they’ll also be watching to see what comes next for The Bachelor duo. People would love to see them make their wild relationship last, but it’s too soon to know what the future holds for these two.

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