Adrien Broner Hit With Restraining Order Over Caldwell Threat

Earlier this week, boxer Adrien Broner and social media star Andrew C. Caldwell’s online communications spilled over into a heated public argument. However, it appears Broner took the disagreement too far, and wound up posting a video attacking Caldwell, who is gay. However, the things Broner said sound offensive to just about any homosexual. Broner’s video comes off as menacingly threatening.

In fact, Broner’s video attack on Caldwell has not only caused plenty of backlash for the boxer, but Caldwell also obtained a restraining order that will force Broner to stay at least 500 feet away from the social media star. On Thursday morning, Caldwell filed for a temporary restraining order in St. Louis, and a judge granted the request.

Broner’s video is laced with hostile, intimidating speech aimed directly at Caldwell. At one point, Broner suggested that if Caldwell ever tried to hit on him, he would shoot Caldwell in the face. Broner also says in the video that he would shoot any gay person in the face for trying to flirt with him. Broner claims that Caldwell was actually reaching out to him online and trying to hook up with the boxer. On the other hand, Caldwell denies that he initiated contact, and said Broner was the one who started the online communication.

While it is difficult to know which side of the argument started the string of communication online, Broner’s video response sounds ominous and homophobic. When Caldwell saw the video, he felt personally threatened.

“[Broner] says on social media that he coming to St. Louis to kill me,” Caldwell said in the court documents, according to TMZ.

After witnessing Broner’s video, the judge agreed with Caldwell, and the temporary order was granted. Now, both Broner and Caldwell are not allowed to post derogatory comments about each other on social media. A hearing is set on April 1, and on that day the judge will decide if the order should be extended.

Earlier this week, openly gay Orange is the New Black star Lea DeLaria had a few things to say about Adrien Broner’s video. DeLaria said she felt Broner should be charged with a crime for making violent threats against gays.

“How do I feel about someone using those kind of slurs? I have a bigger issue with anybody who’s threatening gay people with violence simply for being themselves,” DeLaria said, according to TMZ. “Freedom of speech comes with responsibility… You should not be allowed to incite people to violence against other people.”

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