Blink-182 Will Play ‘Enema Of The State’ In Full For 20th Anniversary

On June 1, Blinks-182’s pop-punk classic Enema of the State turns 20, and to celebrate, the band is playing it in full at this year’s Back to the Beach Festival. As Consequence of Sound reports, the event marks the first time that the album will be played in full, giving fans a chance to hear classics like “All the Small Things,” “Adam’s Song,” Dumpweed,” and “What’s My Age Again?” all in the same show.

The Back to the Beach Festival is on its second year and takes places at Huntington State Beach in California on April 27 and 28. Along with Blink-182, the festival’s notable acts are The Used, The Story So Far, Goldfinger, Teenage Wrist, The English Beat, Lowlives, Reel Big Fish, The Drowns, The Aquabats, Less Than Jake, Streetlight Manifesto, and The Wonder Years.

But in a recent Pedestrian interview, Hoppus said that the band has not been contacted by founding member Tom DeLonge, so fans shouldn’t expect him to be a part of the show.

“I think that Tom’s very happy doing his thing, and we are very happy doing our thing, and there’s no hard feelings and there’s no animosity or bad blood there, it’s just like I said; he’s doing his stuff, we’re doing ours.”

“I have not spoken to Tom since before California came out,” he added.

“So not for a couple of years. But like I said before there’s no bad blood, it’s just we haven’t spoken.”

DeLonge left the band back in 2015 to focus his efforts on looking for aliens. Although DeLonge has been the subject of ridicule for his beliefs, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker — who used to play in The Aquabats — told Joe Rogan that they have always been DeLonge’s passion. He said that the pair used to smoke marijuana, look out their tour bus window, and talk about UFOs as a way to bond. As per Music Feeds, Barker said even he believes that aliens could exist, although he’s not committed to devoting his life to searching.

“With Tom that was his thing, ‘let’s get high and look for UFOs’… so we would, we’d just sit there and stare out the bus window and look at UFOs.

“I give it to him man, to walk away from your very successful band to go do that s**t — I have nothing but respect for his passion,” he said later in the interview.

As Dying Scene reports, Blink-182 is also working on new material for their second album with Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio, who replaced DeLonge after he left. The album is the successor to the group’s 2016 effort, California, and still has no fixed release date. However, Barker confirmed that the album will be out before the band’s upcoming Warped Tour shows and that the album will have “the same vibe” as Blink-182’s well-received self-titled album that was released in 2003.

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